The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Episode 8, a new girlfriend to Raj? our reactions

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Discover our reactions gifs to episode 8 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory, which aired last night.
This week it is finally around Raj to be highlighted in episode 8 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory and it feels good. His character is too often overlooked and is pleased to see he will have an interesting plot this season . Moreover, Sheldon and Amy are always on the front of the stage and also the least we can say is that we saw Sheldon as we had never seen before. “The Brain Bowl Incubation” begins Amy then seeks its cells combined with those of Sheldon. Initially, Sheldon is frightened at the idea that Amy fee him a small piece of skin, but soon it will be particularly excited by how this advance and the experience will lead to an unexpected development.
When Amy and Sheldon tells their experience to Bernadette, it never misses an opportunity to say that their cells are above the baby expects Bernadette. Obviously, this puts enormous angry and Sheldon adds a layer by saying that in addition, they did not need to sleep with Howard … Burn!
Their experience proves to be a success and Sheldon is ready to take the next step: ! Make a real baby We are all as shocked by this discovery that Amy and the latter told him clearly that it is not ready to have a child with him. But Sheldon will stop at nothing …
Sheldon will then spend the rest of the episode trying to seduce Amy that she sleep with him – because according to his calculations, it is undergoing ovulation – and is still recovering not see Sheldon dressed that way and dance flamenco!
Meanwhile, Raj he meets Isabella, a maid with whom the feeling passes from the start. However, he refused to tell the truth to his friends about his profession – Raj bad idea!
So he arranged a romantic dinner for Isabella, Howard arrives and the young woman discovers that Raj said she was an astronomer. Obviously she becomes angry and upset. Raj does everything to be forgiven and she happily accepts – without running out for revenge on the fact that he thought she was Mexican.
Raj finally he comes to meet a woman made for him? We know his character has not had much luck heart side, first because of his problems talking to women and then because he had tends to fall on women who were not compatible with it. As for Sheldon, one wonders whether her baby will want to continue in upcoming episodes or if it is a passing fad. One thing is sure, this episode of The Big Bang Theory is both funny and touching and it is hoped that Raj will most often put forward. While waiting to discover later that will be broadcast next week, remember that you can always find our reactions to gifs episode 7 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory , melty on. What did you think of this episode?