The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Episode 9, jealousy fails to Sheldon, our reactions

Cinema 19 November, 2016

Last night, the CBS aired episode 9 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory. Then discover our reactions to “The Geology Elevation”.

the-big-bang-theory-saison-10-tbbt-posterIf in episode 8 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory Sheldon was in full confidence to seduce Amy on flamenco tunes, this week it’s a different Sheldon that we encountered. While Bert just received a coveted prize for his research, Sheldon becomes extremely jealous and does not know how to handle this emotion . As we know, he always found stupid and useless geology, it is particularly reassembled. So much so that he does not hesitate to be sarcastic when Bert comes to greet them. And if Sheldon mocks Bert not realize that he is sarcastic, he will live exactly the same with the remark Leonard. Decidedly, Sheldon and sarcasm, it’s always a great story!
Meanwhile, Howard Bernadette shows an unmanned model of Stephen Hawking he frabrique himself and he is so funny. Unfortunately for him, his wife is not of the same opinion – and on our side we do not really know which side one is …
They will even ask the other group members their opinion and the verdict is unanimous: the unmanned model offensive. We’re not going to lie, it was found that intrigue rather boring, #Boring .
For his part, Sheldon is still trying to understand how to manage his jealousy and suggested he read Bert research. His reactions to the article written by geologist will lead Amy to make a joke about their first times that made us laugh out loud!
Since reading the work of Bert did not help, Leonard offers her to go get some air. Once outside, Sheldon asks, taking a stone: “If the stones are so brilliant why they are beaten by the paper?” , He says Leonard.
Furthermore, we could not help but agree with the gang when they opted not to like when Penny had short hair!
In the end, after many physical injuries and anger, Sheldon found solace in the words of Stephen Hawking, Leonard graciously contacted . In addition to confirming that it was #TeamHoward for unmanned model, he was able to smile again Sheldon and make him understand that there were more important things in life – like appear in an episode of the Simpsons . The episode closed with an appearance of Ellen DeGeneres , as surprising as joking! Finally, episode 9 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory is still below precedents and made us laugh despite some less good jokes by one, by one. What did you think of this episode?