The Big Bang Theory season 10: Howard, will we soon meet his father?

Cinema 23 January, 2017

While Big Bang Theory season 10 will make its big comeback on February 2 on CBS, do we have a chance to meet Howard’s father?
The countdown begins ! And yes the meltynauts, in a few days, we will finally find our favorite heroes for new adventures. After three weeks, it was high time so much we like to revel in our dose of good mood weekly. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the series that worked best in the US , Steve Molaro, the showrunner, has benefited from an interview with the site TVLine to confide in one of the greatest mysteries The series, the father of our favorite Howard. Indeed, since the scientist became a father, it is quite possible that he is questioning his own. A birth is a particularly upsetting event and we can imagine that he now wants to give himself a chance to know him. Would this be a possible storyline for the next episodes? After all, Howard has the temperament to have the courage to embark on new research:
“Yes, there is a chance for us to meet him. It’s a possibility that still hovers around us and that could take place in a future more or less distant. We have no immediate plans but which cling I’m confident we’ll meet him one day. ” This is a news that should please the most unconditional fans of the series. It must be said that we would be delighted to finally discover the face of Howard’s father. We can already imagine their reunion and their meeting with their granddaughter. One thing is certain, we look forward to seeing the show . Pending further information, discover which character from The Big Bang Theory you most like on melty . What do you think of these confidences?