The big blunder of Jean-Pierre Foucault on Adeline Blondieau Johnny Hallyday has failed to break the figure – Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday has nearly came to blows with jean-Pierre Foucault, after a blunder of the facilitator on the ex-wife of rocker Adeline Blondieau.

The anecdote uplifting would have been a very bad ending. At the time of the Sacred Evening, Jean-Pierre Foucault has in fact committed a blunder that has failed to make out Johnny Hallyday from its hinges, as the announcer tells about it in the show Was the right time to the antenna of RTL Wednesday, 13 December. The rocker was then separated but not yet divorced from Adeline Blondieau. Both were in the repetitions of Sacred Evening, the public had learned of their break-up in the pages of Here a few hours earlier. “She came to sing at the request of Johnny, but she had recorded the song because she was scared of the direct…”, explains Jean-Pierre Foucault.

“We did the rehearsal, and there’s the curtain. And I say, ‘Adeline Hallyday ! Finally Adeline Hallyday, what remains of it !’ The curtain opens, and there it is ! Never I thought she would be coming to rehearse with a song she had already recorded ! “continues the announcer, as the hilarity of the chroniclers of the program. “Face me, at the bottom of the studio, a shadow rises up… a gait swaying… it was Johnny, who was coming towards me. It never came to his own rehearsals. He said to me, ‘uh you’re lucky that I’m in a good mood, otherwise I’d have farted in the mouth’, “recalls the host, mimicking the real thing the gravelly voice of the idol of young people. The blood shot has been short : Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Pierre Foucault are finally reconciled, after the flat excuses of the blunderer.


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