The biggest flaw of Boris Vallaud it was his wife Najat Vallaud-Belkacem : the member just put forward Gala

Entertainment 26 August, 2017


With his impressive CV, Boris Vallaud could claim to be a lot of things within his party. However, the politician finds himself too often in the shadow of his brilliant wife.

A 42-year-old, Boris Vallaud does not have to be ashamed of his political career, far from it. Alumnus of the ENA, where he rubbed shoulders with the current president of the Republic, close to the clutches of the Socialist Party such as Henri Emmanuelli, or Arnaud Montebourg, the young father of a family has managed to evolve in the French policy without ever burning the wings. A time to Bercy, he then became general secretary of the Elysée by François Hollande. From there, he managed to get elected in the Landes region during the last general elections. So many reasons that make that next Sunday, he will be the guest of honour of the Feast of the rose, handing it to the taste of the day by Arnaud Montebourg. Yet, despite these successes repeatedly, Boris Vallaud is still overshadowed by his wife on the political spectrum the national.

The parliamentarian and his wife, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, met on the benches of Sciences-Po. Since then, they said yes and gave birth to twins Louis and Nour in October 2008. If she has also had a successful political career, his wife has been involved in a few controversies and has curtly been beaten in the 6th district of the Rhône during the last legislative. Despite this, the ex-minister of Education ahead yet still clearly her husband in the list of persons considered to be the head of the Socialist Party. Unlike Boris Vallaud, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, has brought the media to the great posts seen by the general public. Him, preferred to evolve in the shadows, even if his work goes unnoticed. It is not enough in front, that’s one of its flaws ! His extreme modesty is a handicap “, slips as well one of the members of his entourage to the newspaper Liberation. Boris Vallaud, now, to decide if he wants to finally make a leap to the front of the stage, or if he prefer to move in stealth, behind-the-scenes of political life.

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