The ” Binge Drinking “, where when alcohol becomes a dangerous weapon against the young

Health 31 December, 2017


Published on 31.12.2017 at 16: 00


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In spite of a consumption decline of 50% in 50 years, alcohol remains the 2nd leading cause of avoidable mortality in France, just behind tobacco.
Two factors are particularly significant in terms of risk of progression to addiction : the age of onset of alcohol consumption and age of first intoxication. According to figures from a report from the institut National de Veille Sanitaire (INVS), a high school boy about six and three students in five have been drunk.
The evening of the eve of the December 31, going to be the theatre of many initiations, different from what they once were…

Importance of age

The brain is not yet completely mature adolescents is much more vulnerable than the adult brain to alcohol, especially to its toxic character, and addictive.
The regular consumption (estimated at more than 10 times per month), remains marginal for the middle, but it is necessary to alert teens and their parents on the dramatic phenomenon of the spree, which today bears a different name : the ” Binge drinking “. Another name for a phenomenon different from the one in France is now called, roasting. The cooked, it was once crossing a threshold that ignored the one that had never had too much to drink, one of the state of uneasiness. But, today, the teenagers make a game of it, challenge, speaking of “stoned, “” climbs and descents “, vocabulary reserved in ancient times to hard drugs like heroin.
The doctors give this baked a name more politically correct, the ” Binge Drinking “, which means more than 3 drinks per hour… With a real risk, of medical problems immediate : 15-24 year olds represent 17% of trips to the emergency room for intoxication ethyl acute, is a dependence on fast and strong.

The effect of the parity

Another new phenomenon : the substance of young girls : the peak of the acute alcoholism is increasingly early, particularly among the young daughter. A woman identified as an alcoholic for 12 men in 1960, it is close to, today, of parity, especially among Americans.
An alcoholism female very peculiar, solitary, hidden way, with a strong sense of guilt.
It is also a substance that gets complicated quickly because the woman does not degrade the alcohol in the same way as the man. His liver is also much more fragile.

What to say to a teenager who comes home drunk that night at home ?

The specialists from this addiction are formal : first, it is not necessary to make reference to his own experience, the “in my day we knew how to drink” because the young people do drink more, as could their parents. Then, it is necessary to apply an absolute rule : say nothing about the moment and wait until the next day, because, after fanfaronné, a teenager admits very often the bad sides of drunkenness when he woke up rather nauseous…