The Blacklist season 4: Episode 11, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

What does Episode 11 of Season 4 of The Blacklist stand for? It’s time to discover what awaits you in “The Harem”!
Last Thursday, in episode 10 of season 4 of The Blacklist, Liz has learned the truth about Red . He shot Mr. Kaplan and everyone thinks she’s dead. It is his faithful associate, Dembe who came all reveal because it is worried for Reddington. When the criminal learns of his betrayal, no doubt he will end up like Mr Kaplan. In any case, we look forward to seeing Liz Red confront about it . Besides that we reserve the episode 11 of season 4 of The Blacklist? Hopefully it’s more exciting than Episode 10 which was really flat. But fortunately, episode 11 titled “The Harem” seems to have a lot more action! Discover immediately what will happen next Thursday!
In episode 11 of season 4 of The Blacklist , Elizabeth depart in undercover. It must prove its capabilities leader of a female elite group to infiltrate their organization as they prepare their next flight . Moreover, the promo video revealed that Liz might commit irreparable … Meanwhile, Red face unexpected problems in its operations. Did he have Dembe or his new cleaners? For his part, Tom will channel his energy for his paternal duties. This episode should have a bit more action and find Liz undercover bring a little freshness in “The Harem” . We also hope that there will be more scenes between Reddington and Liz! Pending its broadcast next Thursday to find out, discover what secret Red unveiled at Kirk in season 4 of The Blacklist ! What do you expect from this episode?