The Blacklist Season 4: Is Liz’s mother still alive?

Cinema 23 November, 2016

The Midseason Finale of Season 4 of The Blacklist raised new questions. Is Liz’s mother still alive? It is quite possible …

the-blacklist-saison-4-the-blacklist-seasonSeason 4 of The Blacklist started very strong. Each new episode was increasing in intensity week to week, mixing everything we love. Suspense, betrayal, action and love punctuated this new chapter. Besides, episode 8 of Season 4 of The Blacklist, which is our critical , was just explosive. Reddington has finally confessed and it is indeed the biological father of Elizabeth . Why did he keep this information for so long? Also in this episode, Red has revealed a secret to Alexander Kirk that left him in shock … What is it? In the editorial of melty, we believe it concerns the mother of Liz. Could it be that she’s still alive? Well, everything is possible in The Blacklist!
If a secret was revealed, we were waiting also for four years, a new has appeared. To see the head of Kirk to make this confession, it must be pretty huge . Moreover, since the series was based on the mystery surrounding the relationship between Red and Liz, we must necessarily the writers found a new plot as intense and captivating. What’s better than playing on the mystery of Elizabeth’s mother , who took a much more important place in this season 4 of The Blacklist . We have seen through some flashbacks, and his fate was never really revealed. Katarina Rostova is she still alive? Even if episode 19 of season 3 of The Blacklist when Red hallucinated his presence we put a doubt, we know the power of writers to return situations. We are almost convinced that his character will make a big appearance this second part of season! Pending more information, see at what point will return episode 9 of season 4 of The Blacklist . And you, do you think it can be still alive?