The Blacklist season 4: Reddigton is the father of Liz, yet another lie?

Cinema 3 December, 2016

With The Blacklist, we no longer know where to turn. Reddington admitted to being the father of Liz in the Winter Finale of Season 4, but is that really the case?

the-blacklist-saison-4-blacklist-saison-4What about? In the Winter Finale of Season 4 of The Blacklist, Red confessed and it would be the biological father of Elizabeth Keen. Why he waited this long to admit this fact so predictable? For four seasons now, we had big doubts but the criminal had done everything to cover their tracks and hide the truth from Elizabeth (and us at the same time). Why does not that Liz learns that he is his father? We are a bit lost at this level, but even if Red confessed, there may still be many twists that will occur later. We know what the writers of the TV shows, they love to play with our nerves! Reddington So is it really the father of Liz or is it just another lie from him in Season 4 of The Blacklist?
Reddington is one of the most mysterious men series . He lets only some information where it is useful, but it never admit a truth just like that, for fun! In episode 8 of Season 4 of The Blacklist , he revealed to Alexander Kirk, under torture, that it was him the biological father of Liz. FINALLY ! We waited for ages confession and on our side, we believe that for once, it’s not a lie . Red would do anything to Liz, as a father would to his daughter. His protective hand is too important when it comes to the FBI agent. Moreover, he still had a relationship with her mother, who is the love of his life, so there is little doubt that Liz was not his daughter. The writers wanted to mislead us with Kirk paternity test, but as we later found out it was a fake. So yes to us, Red is the biological father of Liz, even if we are convinced that new secrets will be grafted onto it. While waiting to learn more, see if Liz’s mother is still alive in Season 4 of The Blacklist! And you, do you think Red is her father?