The Blacklist season 4: Ressler, Samar, Aram … that could be the mole?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

Season 4 of The Blacklist is in full winter break but the Winter Finale left us on many questions. Who could be the mole? Suspense …

the-blacklist-saison-4-the-blacklist-saisonThe Winter Finale of Season 4 of The Blacklist ended intensely . It left us speechless from beginning to end and we learned some answers to our questions. Alexander Kirk is not the biological father of Elizabeth Keen, like the writers wanted us to believe since the beginning of this season 4 of The Blacklist, but it really would Reddington himself! In addition, we will have to expect a betrayal since the last few episodes already, we suspected a mole close to Liz and Red and we were right. Moreover, in the Winter Premiere we should know his identity. Who is the mole within the Task Force which informs the future enemy of the FBI? Ressler? Samar? Aram …?
All shots are allowed in The Blacklist. As we unveiled the promo of the episode 9 of season 4 of the show TV video, there is a mole within the Task Force and Liz fall nudes. Who betrayed her all this time? It will announce that Red the bad news. Someone within the team, so one of our favorite characters, is the mole of a enemy that looks very formidable . Ressler he flipped the wrong side when he was so right at the beginning? Is Samar who requested his transfer? Aram has been trapped by his ex-girlfriend who manipulated to obtain information, it may be that it gave him ideas? We doubt still Liz, which nevertheless appears in the lead suspects in the promotional video of episode 9 of season 4 of The Blacklist, but again, everything is possible in The Blasklist ! If we were given a name, perhaps we would think in Samar, but nothing is sure yet … Who do you think is the mole?