The cancellation of Luke Cage throws a small wave of support of the other series Marvel Netflix

Cinema 22 October, 2018






Like it or not a series, it is a sad comment on a cancellation. Because, beyond our personal tastes, that still means that a lot of people find themselves suddenly unemployed. And that, well, it’s not super cool.

A few days ago, we announced you in quick cancellation by Netflix series, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. After two seasons mixed, these shows take their final bow. If the departure of Danny Rand does not seem to move more than that, in the judgment of the adventures of Luke Cage is already over reacting. In addition, this happens in a context quite hazy in regards to the relationship between Netflix and Disney.


A departure which moves a person


It is well known that the cloth is not that far from burning between the two giants for a little while, which may explain the failure of Defenders for example, Disney is planning to launch its own network next year, and withdrawing little by little, the licenses of the platform in order not to become its own competitor. While Daredevil comes to offer us his season 3, these two cancellations plunge us in doubt as to the other two remaining series, The Punisher and Jessica Jones.

What is certain, however, is that the announcement of the arrest of Luke Cage has triggered a small wave of reactions within this universe, since, for example, Cheo Hodari Coker, the showrunner of the series, could not help but to thank and congratulate his team on the social networks :

“There are a lot of memories, a lot of people to thank. I just want to thank Marvel, Netflix, the writers, the cast, the crew, The Midnight Hour, and all those who came on the stage of the Harlem”s Paradise. Not to mention the best fans in the world. You are always going forward.”


There, it is a little different however


For his part, Vincent D’onofrio, the Guy from Daredevil, is expressed on Mike Colter, the interpreter of Luke Cage :

“I think that Mike Colter is a super guy and an actor very talented. I am giving you a big hug and kiss Mike.”

Although it’s not part of the team, the actor Wendell Pierce (as can be found in On Listening and Jack Ryan) could not resist the urge to greet the series just like express its regret about its cancellation :


Oh you’re K. O., next to…


“I was totally into Luke Cage, who is to me like an allegory of modern SyFy. All of its content available, Netflix has cancelled Luke Cage. I hope that they will go to see other platforms and other networks to continue.”

The actor is obviously referring to the trend that had the channel to SyFy to cancel their best series a few years ago in a manner deemed arbitrary. Finally, Finn Jones, the hero ofIron Fist has felt the need to show its support through a single image representing both their hands, in what we may call their brofist to them. A good way to tighten the elbows in the queues of the Pôle Emploi Spectacle.


The brofist way Iron Fist – Luke Cage