The Circle, Conjuring, Paranormal Activity … The franchises that most freaked us

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Samara will be back soon to the movies in Rings, the opportunity for us to come back to the franchises that made us flipper at the movies!
Horror films at the cinema is an adventure! If on the spot we flippe, after we are glad to have done, even if we flippe when we must go home after, alone and in the dark, with weird sounds all around us. Why do we inflict it? Clearly a horror film at the cinema is 0 relaxation because we are stressed, we know that it will fall, but we do not know where or how and especially when … The best is Still to go between friends to pretend not to be afraid and mock the one next door who has jumped because of a door that opens! On the occasion of the Rings in cinema release, we return to the franchises that most freaked us!
The Circle – We will never tell you enough how to see Samara come out on the TV made us freak, or how we stopped not to vomit when Naomi Watts chokes with hair. And we will never again evoke the cry that was pushed when we discovered the disfigured faces of the victims of Samara. We do not want to talk about it anymore.
The Conjuring – If we love the Warren, we would not like too much that they adopt us because they meet people chelou with their craft!
Annabelle – Did you also get rid of all your dolls when you left the theater because you felt they were looking at you maliciously?
Paranormal Activity – The first night after the release of the movie was complicated. We could hear noises everywhere and we felt like eyes were staring us in the dark.
Horror movies in cinema is cool and creepy, but at least we do not fall asleep in front of the screen (except perhaps to Scream 4 ). We give you an appointment on the 1st of February in the dark rooms to discover Rings! What horror movie made you most afraid?