The Circle: Emma Watson has no privacy in a new excerpt

Cinema 10 May, 2017

Emma Watson will be on July 19 next to The Circle and we find her in a new excerpt where the word intimacy no longer makes sense.
The release of the film is still far, but fortunately we have many excerpts to discover! Emma Watson will be on July 19th at the poster of the film The Circle and in a sneak peek recently unveiled we discovered it being dumped live . Not super cool, but obviously seeing her life shared with the whole Earth does not seem to bother her since in this new excerpt we learn that the young woman documents all her life and this as soon as she wakes up. A real little Youtubeuse finally! Why does she do all this? Well, because in the company she joined The Circle, knowing is power and the more people share their data, the more The Circle can help them or, on the contrary, make their lives worse.
Yes, as we could see in the trailer The Circle with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks , the trap will eventually close on the young woman and the dream job she thought she’d gotten would soon turn into nightmare. What is really the goal of The Circle and how far are they willing to go for their leaders to get the personal information of the users? See you on July 19 to find out.