The coffee is the false-friends of the athletes and of the runners

Health 24 January, 2018


Published the 24.01.2018 at 08h05


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Just like most of us, athletes often turn to caffeine to boost their athletic performance. However, a new study published in the journal Human Kinetics Journals, which suggests that the consumption of caffeine, even during their free time serves to considerably athletes.
The benefits claimed of caffeine to improve athletic performance fall into the water when they need it the most. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. This can also improve the performance during the year.
The research has also shown that it improved endurance while increasing muscle strength. However, regular consumption of caffeine may desensitize athletes to its positive effects.

To win, decrease the coffee

The study showed that male athletes who regularly consume caffeine saw almost no positive effect of this drink on their performance in the sprint.
In fact, the team has found that people who drank each day about three or more cups of coffee saw their athletic performance decline with tests of sprint repeated. However, those who had a low intake of caffeine have maintained their performance throughout the 10 tests.
With this in mind, they recommend that athletes, fans of the coffee to reduce or stop their consumption during the period prior to an athletic performance.

Otherwise, they may be likely to reap the bitter fruits of a too much caffeine.