The concerts Hard Rock can cause strokes in young fans

Health 30 December, 2017


Published the 28.12.2017 at 13: 38


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We have all seen concerts, during which the audience spent hours moving the head frantically. It was originally a way to increase the effects of certain substances, especially alcohol, but a fan has been the victim of a subdural hematoma from shaking the head in a concert of Hard Rock. And according to the specialists of the brain would be far from rare.

Station to the Head Banging

Shake the head, to the beat of rock music is called the ” Head Banging “. This special practice to Hard Rock first appeared in 1968, at a concert of Led Zeppelin. It has not ceased to evolve since then, with his lots of legends.
Since the time, we had not had the opportunity to see that it was dangerous, because curiously there was a lot of non-said about it… It would cause, depending on the versions, strokes, hearing loss, or consciousness… It is already proven that, too violent, the Head Banging may result in fractures of one of the main arteries of the neck, the carotid artery, even sprains, cervical, and even fractures of the vertebrae in the neck… But nothing was proven, and especially officially published not doctors.

A case proven by the doctors

A fan went to the emergency room because he suffered from headaches which worsened in the last 2 weeks. The ct scan revealed a subdural hematoma. But impossible to find the origin. No detail abnormal emerged from his medical record to give an explanation. Except, that a month earlier, he had gone to a concert of Hard Rock, and had practiced Head-Banging.

The subdural hematoma is a medical emergency

It is a collection of blood inside the skull. The brain is then compressed by the blood which accumulates and cannot drain. This gives the migraine a progressive and an alteration of consciousness after a few hours or days. This is treated by evacuating the hematoma. This intervention is known since the dawn of time. This is called a ” trephination “. This is a procedure simple and spectacular, both by the technique and the outcome. A hole in the skull. And then we let it flow.

Moon River

The Head Banging. So we don shakes his head in concert ? It is not necessary to deny yourself this pleasure. But be careful ! It is not necessary to do it any how. Doctors have published in the very serious British Medical Journal, a study that concludes that, to shake the head without risk, it should not exceed 130 beats per minute.
On average, a piece of rock turns to 146… and a group of metal reaches the 220 ! And these physicians, therefore, give two words of advice… If you absolutely want to do the Head Banging, put a neck brace to prevent the amplitudes from excessive movement of the neck. It’s going to be very trendy ! Otherwise, choose a song, and they even recommend a title : Moon River, theme from the film “Diamonds on sofa” !

Not certain that this is pleasing to everyone…