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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Mariah Carey beautiful to have this role of star capricious in the pages of the tabloids, the singer defends herself and says being a woman sensitive and more complex than it seems. For the site Page Six, she says not to trust her and hate this image of diva that sticks to the skin.

Mariah Carey is not the woman, believed to be. It is in any case what the singer told Page Six in an interview. The star says that she “has never had confidence in it ” and refers to the period where she was an artist swath. Last Saturday, the star gave an interview to the site in her dressing room of Madison Square Garden, entirely white scented candle-Jo Malone.I am a person like any other and I deserve the same respect as anyone else. I’ve never had confidence in myself, and it, people don’t know, “says the interpreter of the Hero. I don’t know what kind of respect I deserve, I really do not know “.

It is then returned to its beginnings, and the difficulty of becoming an artist when one is without as. Even if today, she has a whole staff to take care of it and putting it in the light, at the bottom of it, she is far from feeling majestic. “I grew up feeling different, because I am metis, so I wasn’t sure what was my place… This is why music has become an important part of my life, because it helped me to overcome these issues “, she says. The diva, regarded as capricious with the members of his team, is justified : “Sometimes, it is difficult to lower the guard “. With the people around her, the singer asks regularly : “I wonder: “They are sincere with me or not ? “And I ask myself the question with all the world, not with two or three people or just one“.


Before you break into the world of music, Mariah Carey says she has passed through an artist’s life cut short. “It was not easy to get a contract with the record label. I recorded mock-ups in the middle of the night, I slept on the floor in the studio, exhausted, without having eaten. My only meal was a pasta dish in sauce. My friend and I, we we shared the pasta for the week. Otherwise, it was a bagel and an iced tea … as the patron of the corner store gave me for free , “remembers the performer of Without you. Today, the singer is no longer really in need. More than the song, she will also have his reality show and soon a new fragrance that she developed with Elizabeth Arden. A fragrance that ” smells like success “, says the diva.

Mariah Carey

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