The consumption of alternative products to smoking leads teens to smoking

Health 17 January, 2018


Published the 17.01.2018 at 08h35


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90% of smokers have smoked their first cigarette when they are before the age of 18. For scientists, there is a real challenge to understand what might encourage smoking among young people.
Us researchers have published a study in JAMA Pediatrics, shows that the consumption of alternative products to tobacco among adolescents, such as the e-cigarette, chewing tobacco or snuff, facilitates the transition to smoking a year later.

Products increasingly popular

10 000 adolescents aged 12 to 17 years participated in the study. The lead author of the study Benjamin W. Chaffee, explains : “we realized that young people who have tried the tobacco, in any form, had a higher risk of becoming a smoker by the result “.
The products analysed by the researchers were the tobacco without the smoke, we chew, hookah, cigars and e-cigarettes. The latter is increasingly popular among young people, for several years already. More adolescents use derivatives of the cigarette, the more they have risk of becoming a smoker later on.
In early January, another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that young people who vapotent the electronic cigarette are two to three times more likely to become smokers than those who have never smoked the e-cigarette.

Even if it only contains little to no nicotine, the electronic cigarette can induce an addictive behavior, linked to the gesture, which can then lead to the cigarette.