The controversy over the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in St Barth re-launched Gala

Entertainment 25 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

This is a plaque placed on the grave of the rocker that wakes up a controversy that lasts for weeks already : the singer did he really want to be buried on the island of Saint Barthelemy ?

On 5 December last year, Johnny Hallyday died in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette, died of lung cancer against which he fought for months. After a very moving national tribute, the body of the rocker has been repatriated on the island of Saint Bartholomew to be interred in the cemetery of Lorient. For the occasion, Laeticia Hallyday had asked the relatives present and family to wear white and offer flowers to color. Since the death of the singer, his wife has begun to respect his last wishes, in the image of the ceremony that she has organised from A to Z.

However, some relatives claimed that they have never heard of the island as a choice of Johnny Hallyday for his last abode. In recent days, the controversy is back on the front of the stage while a plate has been made among the flowers and other gifts to visitors of the tomb. On it one can read : “Why art thou buried in St. Barth’s ? We are confident that this was not your will, you loved her too well to your audience… we will never have the answer. Go Johnny we think of you. Thank you for the twist and the rock. “

Laeticia Hallyday, returned to Los Angeles with her daughters, ensure that the tomb remains of flower each day. This putting in question of the observance of the last wishes of the singer, is a hard blow for the one whose pain is still fresh.

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

Johnny HallydayLaeticia Hallyday

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