The couples share a microbial fingerprint common

Health 7 August, 2017


Published the 06.08.2017 at 10: 15 am


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Love. We give, we receive communion, we share everything – her nest, her life, her body… but also bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other charming microorganisms. A study published in the journal mSystems, the journal of the american Society of microbiology, commented on these things that share the couples without knowing, and which testify, more than any other marker, perhaps, of a common life.

In fact, people who live together and have intimate relations would show great similarity in their microbiome, this mini-ecosystem composed of millions of bacteria that characterize each of us.

Feet, eyelids, belly button…

To reach this finding, researchers have conducted 330 levies on 17 parts of the bodies of the ten heterosexual couples who are sexually active and living under the same roof. They found that the microbiomes were very close to in couples, to such an extent that they were able to determine with 86 % certainty what subjects lived together.

Couples, therefore, have “footprints microbial commons,” they write. In fact, the opportunities to share his microorganisms would be very many. It is enough to walk barefoot in the same places, to take a shower in the same cabin, to sleep in the same sheets or, simply, to get a hug, skin against skin.

These are the feet which, among all the parts of the body, share the more organisms in common, followed by the eyelids, the torso and the navel. The researchers do not advance a specific explanation to the similarities of microbial torque, but they feel that these micro-organisms are, in large part, from the skin.

In fact, every hour, humans shed millions of particles, as our bare feet to harvest probably in the first place… So, the couple splashed about in the same residues and their identity microbial eventually merge. It is beautiful love !