The creator of the series, the Exorcist is a fear that the redemption of the Fox by Disney is fatal

Cinema 21 December, 2017






Good going, even if we did not really liked the end of season 2 of The Exorcist, we do not want him more than that because in the end, we still had a good time. And maybe it will be the last in his company.

When a series is adapted from The Exorcist was announced by the Fox he has 2-3 years it has been seen that eye quite frankly bad. The studio is not deemed to be the most hardcore in the world, one would expect that a program bondieusard and clean, free of clutter behind the ears. No need to say then that, from the first episode, this was a big shock. Dirty, terrifying, nightmarish, intelligent, and downright punk in some aspects, the first season of The Exorcist we largely conquered.


Mmmm this atmosphere of doom and gloom…


If the season 2 has not experienced the same destiny with us, it remains pretty damn likable in spite of its big flaws. While the last episode was aired last weekend in the United States (we told you what we think here), that the series finds itself once again facing a huge question mark : will there be a season 3 ? If the renewal of the show at the end of season 1 was not won at the start, its creator, Jeremy Slater, was rather confident about the decision of the Fox. Except that this year, the situation is slightly different as between-time, Disney has bought the production company and that it could be fatal to The Exorcist, as Slater had expressed in a Tweet last week :

The merger between Fox and Disney is awful for a number of reasons. And I can’t imagine what a good omen it means for our series.


Everything will be okay…


A statement terribly fatalistic, which deserved, however, a few details to really do grasp the full extent of the possible disaster for the show. This is why Slater is coming again to speak on this subject in the columns of Entertainment Weekly :

“I don’t think anyone knows what it is going to happen to the point where we are. This deal between Disney and Fox does not mean good things for 20th Century Fox as a studio, and to Fox as a tv channel. But you never know… We’re not really in the line established by Disney but at the same time, they are going to need a lot of content to fill their channels and their streaming service. So I don’t know, but the options remain multiple. “


Good. It does what ?


It is true that it is one of the great fears of this merger : the fact that everything is a little too adult or dark for Disney goes to the hatch. But it is hard to imagine the studio sanitise all of its acquired so abrupt since the goal is to compete with Netflix and offer the offer is broad enough for all audiences. As to the future of The Exorcist itself, we should be fixed on him at the beginning of the next year. Fingers crossed for Disney to make the right choice.


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