The Crown Claire Foy (Elizabeth) and Matt Smith (Philip) already on the start?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

The success of The Crown is partly thanks to the interpretation of Claire Foy and Matt Smith but it seems that their time is counted in the number of Netflix.

netflix-the-crown-claire-foy-matt-smith-saisonWill do you say goodbye to Claire Foy and Matt Smith at the end of Season 2 of The Crown? It may well be. While everyone expects the series renewal ad for a second batch of episodes, a rumor increasingly persistent and would almost confirmed that both actors would be replaced at the end of this season . Why ? Because Netflix has a plan. The aim of the platform is to have at least six seasons of The Crown, of which there are sex deleted scenes , and cover the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip. It is therefore necessary for the show to a temporary jump at some point. And rather than disguise the actors, this is the option of recasting that would be privileged. Claire Foy and Matt Smith should be replaced by older actors to embody older versions of Elizabeth and Philip. These future players, if confirmed, would be present for seasons 3 and 4 before being replaced also by even older players for seasons 5 and 6 to get more or less at the moment of the long reign Elizabeth II.
For now, it is only a matter of suppositions certainly supported by about a producer, but they are steps in some sense. But we are sad for such news. If the series works as well thanks to its talented duo of actors , Claire Foy and Matt Smith, the former actor Doctor Who . It remains to hope that we are wrong pending Season 2 of The Crown . Netflix must be aware of his mistake (such as lack of corgis, dogs of the Queen) and keeps both performers for years and years. Must Claire and Matt are aging with their roles. Then we would not say no to 50 seasons of The Crown . Are you sad about this news?