The Crown: Dexter becomes President John F. Kennedy!

Cinema 10 February, 2017

While the shooting of season two of The Crown will begin soon, the production announces the casting of the one who was Dexter in the role of John F. Kennedy!
A meeting at the summit! While we were wondering if Claire Foy (Elizabeth) and Matt Smith (Philip) were not already on the start of The Crown , production of Season 2 of the multi-award winning Netflix series begins. We know that the next round of episodes will begin with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt and will end with the fall of Elizabeth’s third prime minister Harold Macmillan after a devastating scandal. This second season marked the end of the era of submission and ushered in the revolutionary era of the sixties, the Kennedy era . It is in this context that we will find Michael C Hall, who was the unforgettable Dexter of the eponymous series, since it joins the distribution of the next episodes to give body to John F. Kennedy. In front of him, we will find Jodi Balfour, who will play Jackie, the First Lady of the United States of America.
While the creator of the series describes his Jackie Kennedy as a first lady of natural beauty, whose charm, confidence and apparent glamor hides a timid woman, hating public life , Michael C Hall will embody a more JFK – Ease in front of a crowd, a natural leader and an excellent speaker who can not stand being overshadowed by anyone, especially his wife. Although Jackie’s actions are perceived as an asset to the president, JFK is disoriented by the popularity of his wife. In public, he seeks revenge by exposing his many infidelities and, in camera, his jealousy comes in the form of anger and manipulation . In other words, the duo promises to offer us sparks! The queen will appreciate it.
We know that their appearance should concern a visit, considered as delicate, that the Kennedys made in London in June 1961 . At the time, the divorced were not invited to attend the dinners of Buckingham Palace, but Jackie wanted her sister, Princess Lee Radziwell, then her second husband, to attend. The queen was furious, but accepted reluctantly. The episode will most certainly show that the Sovereign was clearly annoyed by Jackie Kennedy’s behavior and that the two women did not appreciate much. However, when Jackie confided to the queen that she found it exhausting to be in public, the queen replied: “One becomes cunning with time and one learns to protect oneself . ” The two women met again nine months later, one-on-one, and the atmosphere was less freezing.
Beyond these castings, we also learn the addition of Matthew Goode, who will lend his features to Tony Armstrong-Jones, the photographer and bohemian husband of Princess Margaret. The latter is described as charming, passionate and avant-garde, and knowing all the right people. His energetic attitude of the sixties is in striking contrast with the serenity of the palace to which the Princess Margaret is accustomed . As their story continues, her bohemian and sexually liberal lifestyle is endangered by her proximity to the established order. However, he is somehow still the little boy paralyzed by polio aspiring to get approval from his mother obsessed with social status. Lately, we revealed to you when the season 2 of The Crown could be broadcast! What do you think of these castings?