The Crown: Season 1 is available, Internet users love

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Available since Friday, the first season of The Crown is already happy users! You are told more

netflix-the-crown-claire-foy-matt-smith-saisonTo see urgently! Rarely a series we will be as captivated as soon as pilot and it deserved to be told. Centered on the early reign of the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, The Crown is the last baby Netflix and already ranks among his best series. Yes, well we measure our words. Historical series, the show manages to make the drama with a material that could put off some. That’s why The Crown is part of our program series of the week (with The Walking Dead and Salem) . A tad more modern and dynamic than Downton Abbey , The Crown is carried by an absolutely brilliant casting. Claire Foy ( Wolf Hall ) embodies an absolutely intriguing queen here. Both cold and passionate, the new sovereign is all the more captivating . Perhaps this is why, on social networks, particularly Twitter , can not stop talking about.

Because we must recognize that the series is based essentially on alchemy more or less palpable between Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten, her husband portrayed by Matt Smith (Doctor Who) . Both deliver an incredible, almost magnetic performance. In line with the Tudors , The Borgias , Versailles and Downton Abbey , The Crown is even more impressive. According to the newspaper The Telegraph , the first season would have cost around £ 100 million, making The Crown the most expensive set of Netflix . And visually, it shows. The reconstruction is thorough and the cast is worth its weight in gold. You will come to Queen Elizabeth, you’ll stay for the London of the 20th century. Meanwhile, speaking of strong woman, you will notice that every episode of Season 2 of Jessica Jones will be directed by women . Netflix productions, how not to worship eh! And you, what do you think of The Crown?