The Crown: The sex of deleted scenes!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Available since last Friday, the first season of The Crown now is a delight for Netflix subscribers. But it seems that sex scenes are gone …

the-crown-netflix-reine-elizabeth-ii-queenShe is the job . This is one of the iconic replicas of the first season of The Crown . Posted on Friday, this one is a real treat. And while we were wondering there are few when would be available Season 2 of The Crown , stay a little focused on first. Consisting of 10 one-hour episodes , it is more than equal to our expectations. And both say things: Claire Foy is an excellent Queen Elizabeth II. That said, it will probably not have escaped you that this first season is very light in terms of NSFW content. By this we mean that the protagonists are significantly more prudish than what Netflix has accustomed us . Yes, Orange is the New Black for House of Cards through Sense 8 , we can not say these are the sex scenes that are missing in the programs produced by the streaming service. When asked about the lack of sex by Nerdist , Claire Foy and Matt Smith (Philip Mountbatten) have restored the truth.

“There were more [jokes about sex] actually. There was really more. But they have not been kept mounting” assures Matt Smith before continuing “There were other nude scenes. There was one where I knock on the door and say ‘knock, knock, here’s my dick’ but was edited out. ” Maybe too risqué at the time to stage the British royal family, it will without saying that this kind of scenes we probably would all laugh . For as the recall the two actors interview, The Crown races shows that both spouses through. And because they are spouses, we do not see why they would not have the right to this type of behavior between them. Asked about the possibility of adding more sex in season 2 , Matt Smith fingers crossed. He is not the only one ! Already hooked, People love the first season of The Crown . Do not wait a minute to immerse yourself in the early years of the reign of Elizabeth II. You will not regret it! And you, what do you think of The Crown?