The Crown: When will season 2?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

The first season of The Crown, the new series from Netflix is ​​available since November 4, and after binge-watching, a question nagging you: when season 2?

netflix-the-crown-claire-foy-matt-smith-saison10 episodes and then leave … The Crown, the new series from Netflix, the inratable serial program last week , was just crowned the success it deserves, that his first season is already over. Because yes, it is difficult to resist binge-watching when one delves into the tumultuous beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II. The Queen, played by the sublime Claire Foy , and his royal family enthrall and fascinate. And we sacrifice our sleep. Rest assured dear fans, we should have new episodes of The Crown . If we are still awaiting official confirmation from Netflix, it would seem that the series is about to start filming its season 2. According Bustle, the platform should have planned at least six seasons of the series created by Peter Morgan which recounts the reign of the current Queen of the United Kingdom. the renewal would therefore be a formality especially as the pre-production for new episodes of the Crown would have started . According to British media, it would seem that filming should begin by the end of autumn. This suggests that the season 2 of the series Royal Netflix is back to the same period next year.
The Crown is available on Netflix and Internet users love . It is enough because the series has it all. It is a true historical series, a drama, a comedy, a family saga, a political series that manages to be modern and captivating. With a more than comfortable budget talents in front of and behind the camera, the series is made to enchant audiences and to dethrone Downton Abbey in the heart of sériesphiles . If the season 1 is a total success, it was not until Season 2 of The Crown to see this status be confirmed. Strongly on! #GodSaveTheQueen And you meltynautes, you are eager to see the season 2 of The Crown?