The daddy of Game of Thrones is back on another project of adaptation in the cinema (and it is with dragons !)

Cinema 24 May, 2018






After Game of Thrones, and then Nightflyers, George R. R. Martin is going to adapt another of his new, this time at the cinema, under the title : The Ice Dragon.

We know what you are going to say. And the season 8 of Game of Thrones ? And the rest of the novels ? And while you fret the blood, to await the outcome of this story, George R. R. Martin, it has nothing to carrer. The guy that weighs its weight of peanuts in the movie industry, twirls everywhere.

While we learned of the impending arrival of its new SF series Nightflyers there are few, now he is back with a new project in mind. It is the turn of another of his stories, titled the Ice Dragon, having the chance to be adapted for the cinema.


George R R Martin’s The Ice Dragon is now set to become a movie. Still no sign of that next Game Of Thrones book, though…

— Den Of Geek UK (@denofgeek) may 24, 2018


The book, published in 1980, takes place well before the events of Game of Thrones and is in a different realm than that of Westeros. Originally intended for children (for once) the story tells the story of Adara, a child who has just lost her mother and who one day, will meet a dragon of ice.

An affinity and chemistry between the two characters will then create. Everything would have been all right for the two men if another breed of dragon does not threaten to destroy his world. It was then that the young girl decides to brave the danger thanks to his new friend to scales and find a way to stop the invaders.


The great dragons.


For the moment, no release date or even further information have been revealed. If only George R. R. Martin will be the producer of the film. The Warner Bros animation, who will distribute the film, has also hired Allison Abbate and Chris Leahy to oversee this beautiful little project. A film medieval fantasy with battles between dragons, frankly, we validate the project.

In the meantime, season 8 of Game of Thrones will return in April 2019.