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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


12-year-old Emmanuel Macron took a personal decision important, against the advice of his father. The current head of State, had chosen to be baptized, as he had confided to our colleagues of the Obs in 2017. A information recovery by the magazine l’express, which is interested in its new issue to the president of the Republic and its relationship to religion.

In its new edition called Macron, God and politics , the Express chose to focus on the president of the Republic and its relationship to religion. The weekly stresses that the head of State has never expressed in public of his own religious convictions and that he always knew how to skillfully keep the mystery on his faith. “If Emmanuel Macron invokes regularly in a ‘quest for transcendence’ that he assumes willingly, he still kept mentioning his relation to God. In order to preserve this part of the domain of the intimate, and responsive to remain a president that speaks to the atheists as well as all religions, ” says the Express.

To deepen the topic, the magazine cites an interview given by Emmanuel Macron to the Obs in 2017. There we learn that the head of State had been entrusted had chosen to be baptized in early adolescence, against the advice of his father.” All we know is what Emmanuel Macron has agreed to tell a story (but he has done it several times, entering deliberately the anecdote as one of the founding events of the myth): he chose the baptism at 12 years old, against the advice of his father is extremely hostile to this commitment. ‘I went alone to the church’, he explains Jérôme Garcin, in February 2017, in The Obs. “Afterwards, the head of State is said to be somewhat distant from the religion. “This was the beginning of a mystical period, which lasted several years, after which, I distanced myself from the religion,” said Emmanuel Macron.

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