The day … I fell in love with the series!

Cinema 26 March, 2017

You too do not know what you would do without your favorite series? Are you totally addicted and proud of being so? Exceptional, we’ll get along!
Hello everyone! On this sunny day, I find you for probably my most personal chronicle. If I have already mentioned with you my love for the series, I have never confided in what led me on this path. And to be totally frank with you, I think I’ve been overwhelmed by this kind of television since I was 6 years old. When you are a child, you sometimes have to deal with events that are difficult to manage. If some of them throw themselves in the sport, in an artistic activity or in books to exteriorize and escape for a few hours, my salvation came from the series. If their primary vocation is of course to entertain, I have always considered magical the faculty with which I could project myself into the world of someone else for 40 minutes. So absorbed in the adventures of one or several heroes, I came to forget what made my daily life, to find that light at the end of the road and that hope that led me to be the person that I am today, Hui. In reflecting on this chronicle, it seemed indispensable to me to speak to you about the first series of my existence, those which convinced me to one day make my profession.
The first of a long list is none other than Charmed . I was terribly young when the pilot was broadcast so much that I keep a rather frightening memory (which makes me laugh today as the driver is badly tied up). But magic fascinated me enormously at that time. Between Sabrina the Apprentice Witch and Charmed, I missed no episode of these series where strong and endearing women devoted their lives to trying to conquer the evil and this, even if it encroached on the future that they had imagined . I remember rushing to record the new episodes on four-hour tapes to the point that all my pocket money went into the purchase of blank tapes.
It’s Dawson’s Creek has absolutely changed everything. I have an unconditional love for this series which has simply transformed my life. I know that I seem a little silly in writing these lines but I do not want to underestimate its importance in my eyes. If the criticisms were fired when it was broadcast for the first time in the United States, I keep a magical memory at the same time melancholy and reassuring. I wanted to write while listening to the wonderful replicas of the characters. Obviously, none of them was of the age for these dialogues to be credible, but they carried a real message and an exceptional authenticity. It was one of the first series to dare to evoke the drug, Sex or even homosexuality with a correctness and a realism that I hardly describe . And above all, she has brought Pacey Witter into our lives and just for that she has something to mark us forever. Let me tell you, for me, Pacey is the best serial character. EVER. And her couple with Joey is my favorite. Dawson’s Creek made me dream, grow, change. And it was she who launched me into the world of television series.
It was then Newport Beach that was established in my life. I speak to you with emotion because it is the first show I discovered at the age when I was truly able to understand everything. Between well-written characters, intrigues full of surprises, superb dialogues, an amazing soundtrack and a dream setting, there’s nothing I did not like in Newport Beach as she knew how to handle drama and humor with a Ease never equaled in a teen-show . The first season is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece. Although I have seen the episodes a thousand times, they continue to give me the same emotions. I am simply admiring the work of the writers who knew how to plunge us into the world of the characters without making the slightest mistake and with actors at the top of their talent. If the other seasons have been largely underneath, Newport Beach will always have this little something that sets it apart from all the others. Above all, she reminds me of moments of complicity between mother and daughter that will remain forever in my memory.
I then cracked for Friends in a completely different way . But how not to talk about this sitcom of genius? It is simply unique. Capable of making us laugh, cry, scream or open our eyes in twenty minutes, Friends is a diamond in its pure state . Each of the intrigues is a delight and there is no episode I hate or I do not want to see again. The characters have become my friends, my family and when I feel that the morale is dropping, I have no hesitation, I run towards them knowing that they will bring back joy and energy like no one else. But there were also the Scott Brothers and their love affairs that accompanied me for years. Equally captivating and comforting,
Today, I admit to a great passion for the adventures of CW superheroes and in particular for Barry Allen who puts me in total euphoria . But it is all these series that shaped me and day after day, they have taken an increasingly important place in my universe to become essential. Basically, I can not talk about what I am without evoking them so much they have brought me over the years. Even now, they are my main refuge even though I am now facing adult problems. More than ever, it gives me that hope and strength to continue in spite of everything. They do not replace my family or friends, but they are indispensable to my survival as though they alone could solve my internal conflicts . So I would like to thank them and greet the person who created the very first series. Thanks to her, this television genre is part of my identity and it has no price.
That’s all for me meltynauts but you can relive with me the day when … The Vampire Diaries left us in the meantime. I’ll meet you on April 9 for a whole new column and in the meantime, take care of yourself. <3 What are your very first series?