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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


After a long crossing of the desert the musical and big health problems, Laeticia Hallyday had decided to take the career of the rocker by hand. Entourage, style of dress, and social networks : the wife of the singer had played a key role in recent years.

After having been acclaimed for years, Johnny Hallyday had experienced a slump. In the 90s, the singer became somewhat cheesy. In summary : the rocker had taken a serious blow old. Lack of creativity, and especially of serious health problems : in 2009, Johnny Hallyday is plunged into a deep coma, the result of the big problems postoperative.

From this moment on, nothing will ever be as before. About this painful period, Laeticia had confided to Vanity Fair : “When he woke up from this long journey, he had lost 25 kg, his soul was dented, he was weak, had lost his confidence. A month of intubation, he had damaged vocal cords, he had a voice of a little girl. He fell into depression. In addition to all that, we realized that a part of our entourage was very toxic, that some of us loved him for the wrong reasons. A lot of people gravitated towards us, but had nothing to do there; they existed all through our ordeal. Our life has changed. There have been disappointments, betrayals, ruptures “.

Laeticia Hallyday will then take things in hand, and do the housework in the mask history of the rocker. Exit, the photographer Daniel Angeli and the director of music Michel Yankelevich. Farewell also to his producer, Jean-Claude Camus. He will be replaced by Sébastien Farran. Laeticia wants new blood around her husband. Little by little, the couple Hallyday made new friends. The rocker appeals to the guitarist Yarol Poupaud. His wife Caroline de Maigret will strike up a fast friendship with Laeticia. “In the universe of Johnny, Læticia is the key to everything. She is his manager, his stylist, his artistic director, but also producer, his negotiator, his doctor… It is his elixir of eternal youth. She is always looking for new ideas, do the leaves ever stop ” has entrusted the young woman to Vanity Fair.

Thanks to his wife, the way of communicating the singer has also changed. The father of Jade and Joy does wanders never without his smartphone. The couple Hallyday post regular photos of their daily to St Barts or to Los Angeles to the delight of their fans. Style-wise, the wife of Johnny Hallyday also worked behind the scenes. In his closet of Margiela or Saint Laurent and its new knowledge, Alexandre Vaultier, or Karl Lagerfeld.

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