The day … Negan off a wave of despair in The Walking Dead!

Cinema 30 November, 2016

You too are absolutely torn since the arrival of Negan? You do not know how to handle this violence but you’re still fans? Outstanding, we will be able chat!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-6-7x06Hello everyone! I hope you are well despite the cold winter that has recently hit the country. Fortunately, the crossover event which brings together Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl what we warm the heart and I must admit that I have difficulty to hide my enthusiasm as I am delighted to see all the heroes CW united against the Dominators. But this week, I wanted to return to The Walking Dead. After you largely explained why the series was not made for me in the day … I succumbed to madness The Walking Dead , I needed to share with you my feelings since Negan landed in the show. And we’re not going to lie, the guy is simply scary and ruthless. Apart from the fact that every hardcore respecting Negan knew that would be a charismatic villain determined, about our ignorance of the tempestuous nature of the man with the bat, we had very nearly underestimated. When I say that, I think back very clearly to the episode where our heroes have infiltrated the satellite camp to kill each Savior they crossed . At this point, we know that this can not be as easy but we remain hopeful that our favorite band is sufficiently equipped mentally and physically to at least hold their head finally, if like me, you did not read comics. But in reality, all this was just the beginning of the rise of a stairway to what would certainly be one of the most important events in the life of Rick. And we can say that we waited the first confrontation between the two leaders and despite all our assumptions, difficult to be able to provide such a level of violence AMC .
Violence which has even led the US CSA to investigate this particular episode to find out if this eagerness was consistent with the context. And the death of Abraham and Glenn are still almost impossible to digest. Honestly, I think everybody was attached to Glenn to a different degree. For me it was the right arm of Rick, wisdom incarnate, the hope of the group, comforting element of the show. It was both everything and nothing because no person can claim invincible and indispensable in the world so chaotic of The Walking Dead, but it was the essence of humanity. I wish like Glenn I had to confront if me a horrible world. I wish I had her courage and determination. I would have liked to continue to love, to laugh, to believe when all others have lost faith . In short, and as much I wanted him to survive. But as sad as I am to have lost, I have to admit that his death marked a turning painful but effective course that offered Negan door masterful entrance. Negan’s crazy but it would be even more crazy to try to compete with it. Damn that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is talented! We already knew if one is addicted to Grey’s Anatomy but then it still affects sacred peaks reaching change his voice, his gait and even his facial expressions according to the wishes and follies of his character.
So for the moment, and with the departure of Glenn, more hope is truly enabled and see Daryl in this state, it is a burst heart of every moment. Personally, I devote it a boundless commitment and I bite my nails when I see if reached. Many complain because we start from community to community without taking the time to settle down for good, but unfortunately, that was the goal of the writers. After almost made us believe that Rick’s group was the only survivor in the midst of zombies and rubble, we are forced to admit that some are doing much better . I find it interesting to discover the strengths, weaknesses and the level of loyalty of each and I admit that I am particularly intrigued by the Oceanside community dramaticalement other changes. The seventh chapter should bring a new dimension to the series and allow us to watch the intrigues with a new perspective as Rick and the others are the only ones to evolve but mostly operate in this post apocalyptic world where only the strongest and smartest survive. Negan has emerged as the leader of this change and we love him or hate him, he brings with him a breath of fresh air that disrupts both certainties and those of our hero.
Nevertheless, and despite the hype, I still love the series and want to watch the episodes. Yet those who know me know that I must have the well hung nerves to revel in this kind of violence. I so can not wait to see all groups to unite in order to enter an inevitable war. I’m looking forward to Negan down from its pedestal because we all know it: “Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Rick will kill him” and it will be such a joy that I can not help but wait with delight . Yes, hearings are falling in the United States; yes, some things are not necessarily as we expected them and yes, some episodes are very very slow but the spirit of The Walking Dead is still intact and that’s it, it’s still the main! Watch Out Negan, here they come!
That’s it for me meltynautes! We meet on December 14 to a new column, while the winter hiatus has already begun. Until then, take care of you <3 And you, what do you think of the arrival of Negan?