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Entertainment 21 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Nicolas Sarkozy has a tattoo hidden under his Rolex, and he can thank Johnny Hallyday for it ! The famous tattoo artist of the ‘ Mark Mahoney, who scored the skin of Angelina Jolie, Rihanna or Johnny Depp, told this amazing story…

It is a tattoo that is very discreet that features Nicolas Sarkozy. The tattoo artist of Johnny Hallyday told in the columns of Paris Match on Wednesday, November 20, that the rocker has taken a client’s very particular for him to do this little drawing, which he disguises under his watch. “A few years ago he introduced me to his friend Nicolas Sarkozy to get him tattooed. I made a very small tattoo on the wrist. He insisted that he remains well hidden under its Rolex ! It was a laugh Johnny, ” said Mark Mahoney, a tattoo artist and legendary Los Angeles, which has scored the skin of Angelina Jolie, Rihanna or Johnny Depp and who knows the rocker for the past fifteen years. As a reminder, the Taulier had officially supported the political campaign during the presidential election of 2007. This is a facet amazing the personality of the former president that some were unaware…

We know, however, that Johnny Hallyday was a fan of tattoos. He passed unexpectedly at the home of his friend, without an appointment – ” he came in with an idea and I drew “, he recalled. Among the drawings on his body, many tributes to his children and his wife Laeticia : the astrological signs of David, and Laura, a lion and a scorpion, on the forearm, the names Jade and Joy written on the arm, or even the naked body of his wife, directed by Mark Mahoney. A tribute ultra sexy that the rocker was very proud of it.

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Johnny Hallyday, Nicolas Sarkozy

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