The day … Supergirl charmed me by his audacity!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

You too have been slow to be convinced by Supergirl? You are now completely in love and hope that this will continue? Excellent, we will be able to rejoice together!

supergirl-saison-2-episode-1-2x01-spoilersHello everyone! In this Wednesday, November 16th, I’ll meet you for a new chronicle after a month of absence. I’m sorry not to have honored our appointment but to be honest, part of my world just collapsed. But once back on what unites us and makes us vibrate: the playoffs. And this week, I decided to be interested in Supergirl. Recently transferred to the CW , the series has offered a sacred turning landing on the network that already coexist Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. If the show is a joyful and effective natural, it took several episodes to convince me . During the first season, I must admit that I had the feeling that the characters were not developed enough. I can understand that the purpose of the writers was to introduce the Kara superhero but sometimes I wish we discover Kara short.
For if all the protagonists who populate National City were very friendly, I could not rid myself of the impression that remained sadly at each surface without taking the time to further explore their inner self. Yet on paper, we must admit that there are many similarities between Supergirl and The Flash and that is why the crossover had been so successful at the time. And as you guessed now, Barry Allen and his team, they are a bit my weaknesses and my immoderation . So yes, there are similarities but where The Flash was a past master in the art of make us feel exactly what felt his heroes, Supergirl still had difficulties allow us to attach ourselves to his characters.
But over the episodes and the season progressed, there really had better until the second chapter downright well done. So far, I imagined Supergirl was certainly the DC Comics series smoother and less quick to try new things. I was quite wrong because in the space of only six episodes, Supergirl was surprised, delighted, enchanted by its ability to reinvent itself and make its weaknesses genuine strengths . Let us first revisit the arrival of Superman that was widely criticized by some fans . Indeed, the cast of Tyler Hoechlin was annoyed because it came too early in a series that had yet to prove its potential. How not to crush the frail Kara Danvers with an emblematic icon of Comics? Why then do so as soon as the show is now invited on the CW? Against all-odds, the result was a balance between effective development of the intrigues of Clark Kent and the prominence deserved heroine of the show. In addition, the chain made the wise choice to make it a recurring regular character and not leaving the spotlight to that logically the main protagonist of National City. Without frustrating the followers of Superman and Supergirl satisfying fans of the show showed he could be bold while being measured and intelligent.
But this is not the only asset of this second season that stands out for the exploration of a plot as strong as shocking, the coming-out of Alex. As we know, the comics do not often highlight love stories linking two people of the same sex and even now hard to imagine that a production would take the liberty to imagine a Green Arrow or Flash gay. However, Alex is still a very strong character in the series who has strong links with heroin. This is a real step forward for television which is still struggling to let each grow regardless of sexual preference. Let it be said, Supergirl is strong and gives us a realistic plot, moving and judiciously interpreted by Chyler Leigh . But the series does not stop there and also undertakes introducing Mon-El and leaving aside the iconic relationship that is supposed to exist in the comics. So yes, it is true that the fans of the first hour like to retain the basic storylines but still admit that the chemistry between Jimmy and Kara was very limited . And we’ll still say I’m a fangirl but I much prefer the relationship develops between Mon-El and Kara! Similarly and as Cat Grant was probably one of the favorite characters from the fans, the writers have achieved a master stroke by making us almost forget she was gone. More twists, more introspective, more hilarious characters, the show found its stride and fills us with pleasure a little more every Monday . In short, Supergirl impresses me so she does not hesitate to challenge themselves and to build its own identity so that she is somewhat become the sunshine of my week preparing me with delight new episodes The Flash. Between good humor Kara Alex sensitivity, humor Winn, loyalty James and clumsiness of Mon-El, it is not far from reaching the summits.
That’s it for me meltynautes! I’ll meet you on 30 November for a new column and by then, take care of you <3 And you, what do you think of Supergirl?