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Entertainment 7 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday has repeatedly been close to death. If it is finally extinguished in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, 6 December, he has almost spend much earlier, in 1966, after a suicide attempt.

France is in mourning, weeping for her ‘ national : Johnny Hallyday died in the night of Wednesday 6 December, after several months of struggle against a cancer of the lung. The “survivor” has finally died, after having brushed against repeatedly. In 1966, his wife Sylvie Vartan asked for divorce, after one year of marriage only, and for some time after the birth of their son, David. The rocker, mad with grief, is worse than ever : two friends discover it on the floor of her bathroom, the veins are cut. The idol of young people has, in addition, the effects of barbiturates. Fortunately, he escapes the worst : the Taulier will be saved and will go sit in a rest cure in Switzerland.

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday : a duo has become legendary. The couple married on April 12, 1965, the rocker has 22 years old, the star of the “yéyé” has 21. The wedding will finally be a national event, celebrated in Loconville, in the Oise, where the parents of the singer just moved in. Originally, however, the lovers want a party intimate, in the presence of the family. The day before, the media have wind of the new. “All the press is there, not to mention the hundreds of curious onlookers. During the whole ceremony, I was very scared for mine. Where is mom? As long as it is not taken in this crowd. Dad is it really safe? And my grand-mother? That takes care of my grandmother? What must she think of this insanity, the poor, arriving just cold Bulgaria?”, remembers Sylvie Vartan in her book Mom…, X.O. editions.

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