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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


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Laeticia is devastated by the death of Johnny Hallyday. The wife of rocker and mom of Jade and Joy cling now to a promise that her husband had made during his lifetime : whatever happens, he will always provide for his wife and his two daughters.

Collapsed, Laeticia Hallyday had to resign themselves to saying goodbye to her man, the love of his life. Worthy, she attended the tribute to Paris Saturday, December 9, in the presence of many personalities. She then accompanied Johnny Hallyday for his last trip to Saint Barth, where he rests for eternity. The wife of the Taulier is now alone with her two daughters Jade and Joy. His friends, who came for the burial, all left, so that the mother cannot bring himself to leave the body of her husband and his island paradise.

Only, in reality, it is not so. From there, the rocker has to keep an eye on Laeticia, Jade and Joy, his wife is convinced. “It will take him time to overcome his unhappiness. Fortunately, his two daughters are his reason for living. Johnny told him that, whatever happens, it would always be on them,” reveals a friend from Paris Match.

Laeticia Hallyday grieves in Saint-Barth, at least for the moment, her daughters are in school. During January, they will leave for Los Angeles. It is in the United States that the family will rebuild. The wife of rocker has decided to put on sale The Savannah, their home in Marnes-la-Coquette, where Johnny Hallyday has issued its last breath.


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