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Until his meeting with Laeticia, Johnny Hallyday was a true “artichoke heart” according to his own terms. Passions are as sudden as they are ephemeral. But his first real stroke of lightning could have cost him his life. The rocker told of his failed suicide attempt for Catherine Deneuve

I don’t know yet that it is on the shooting in Paris that I will meet one of the great loves of my life” . In his autobiography,Destroy, Johnny Hallyday, who died on the 6th of December, at his home in Marnes-La-Coquette, returning on his course, and, in particular, on his relationships. We are in 1961. The rocker was only 18 years old but already a nice little reputation. Sex and rock ‘ n ‘ roll.

I fell madly in love with Catherine Deneuve on the same day that I met her, ” continues the rocker, to me she embodied the feminine ideal.” Biberonné as of its more tender childhood in the american films, cinephile, Johnny Hallyday is also a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. And the young actress reminds him of the great heroines hitchcockiennes : the fire under the ice. Only here, at the time, Catherine Deneuve, who has just 19 years, is not free. It is the companion of Roger Vadim, with which Johnny becomes immediatelye very friend.

In Paris, the scenes more tender made me sick, remembers the rocker. My passion grew day by day. A situation of the most delicate. “Rumor filter. A magazine in scandal title : “The impossible love of Johnny Hallyday ! In secret he loves Catherine Deneuve. But it is without hope. It belongs to another.”

“The major evils, radical solutions, written by Johnny Hallyday in his autobiography with, soon after, a beautiful sense of self-deprecating humor. It does, I just had to die. At the wheel of my Triumph, I stuck the meter on the Western highway. At the time I was going to let go of my hands from the steering wheel and join Jimmy Dean in hell… out of gas. “And to conclude : “My fate is not that of the romantic heroes and martyrs of the lost generation. The ridiculous and the comic of the situation I have cured permanently. But Catherine remains the great and beautiful love of my 18 years. The tenderness and the friendship remained.”

Johnny Hallyday stated in Destroy, written in 1996, that Catherine Deneuve was present at all first of his shows. That she was his ” guest of honour “.

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