The day … the Flashpoint revolutionized The Flash!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

You also expect the storyline forward Flashpoint? You were a little disappointed but nothing can really start your enthusiasm when it comes to The Flash? Cool, I love you!
Hello everyone! I hope you are well and that you are ready for the year-end holidays. But it’s the dreaded moment for all series fans who respect since the winter hiatus has now begun and we will have to wait a few months to find all our favorite show. So I proposed you to relive with me the day … Negan sowed wave of despair in season 7 of The Walking Dead , I decided to revisit a series that I love terribly, The Flash. If you follow me from the beginning, you know the series of the CW is my big favorite and I have a special affection for Barry. And like all fans of the fastest man in the world, I was just excited about the Flashpoint. A very famous story of comics and absolutely questions everything in the original source. To be currently reading this story, I can tell you that everything is downright unsettling for our favorite Barry and the show was a crazy potential hands by deciding to embarking on this adventure. And like everyone, I must admit that I expected a lot this season 3. Not that I did not trust them but I have always been playful with the idea of discovering my favorite characters in a different universe totally disturbing. Thus, the parallel worlds, dreams and other delusions make me quite hysterical. As you say, I was thrilled . Unfortunately, screenwriters and producers have not had the guts to go through things and gave us an episode in the new timeline.
It’s little and I was disappointed because Grant Gustin and the rest of the cast have spent the summer teaser moment and assert that it would be crazy. This was the case but you can not say that we will leave a lasting impression as the time has passed to the speed of light as if Barry had run from the police to STAR Labs in a flash. Unlike some, I loved the Season Premiere but I must say that each character had deeply missed and I tend to not be very objective when it comes to The Flash. However, I loved seeing everyone in another configuration and I was captivated by the link that exists between Thawne and Barry in this episode. Very faithful to the comics, this dynamic offering an amazing parallel between the actions of Reverse Flash and Barry. For the first time, Barry was the bad guy who had dared to sacrifice his family for his own interest and it was interesting to see him gradually become aware of his gigantic error.
Thereafter, the Flashpoint has become a cornerstone for 4 DC Comics shows the point that the crossover was largely centered on the lack of judgment of Barry. As a way to discover the perspective of other characters. Indeed, our love for the fastest heroes of the world tends to blind us and we had the unfortunate habit of neglecting and underestimating the pain of those who often pay the piper choices Barry. For the first time, we had the opportunity to discover how each of them was wounded. At different levels but certainly they all suffer and struggle with their lives unlike Barry who has the power to affect everything and everyone . They also live horrible moments but not as long as they are selfish or show that they forget the basic principles of time. And that was clearly a stroke of genius on the part of writers who have managed, in the space of a few episodes to revolutionize the way we perceive things through the Killer Frost speech that recalled how each of our characters has lost much with the seasons. Barry may well be the soul of the series, it would be nothing without those who support day after day despite his recklessness, his favorites and his rants.
I none the less in love with our hero because all this makes it, in fact, that more human. That it did not originate the time to review if only for a few seconds a person we lost and we lack more than ever? If we lose a part of our world, we do not do everything in our power to find her? More than ever, The Flash is for everyone and that’s universal discourse and loving is the strength of the series . Love him or hate, there is no denying how everything is orchestrated to touch a piece of our heart hidden deep within ourselves. Despite the trials, the lies, betrayals, challenges, disappointments, and remorse, nothing ever really manages to cause trouble in the team and that’s exactly what makes it a real family. So yes, we were disappointed at times but I’m really not ready to blame them. #too much love
That’s it for me meltynautes, we meet on 28 December for a new column. In the meantime, feel free to discover what super power would be perfect for you in a test that I loved specially developed for you . Take care of you <3 And you, what did you think of The Flash in Flashpoint?