The day when … Clem became a must on TF1!

Cinema 11 January, 2017

You too, you never miss an episode of Clem? The series makes you feel at home and you are downright addicted to the characters? Cool, me too!

Hello everyone! I hope you are okay and that these early days of 2017 are fantastic. I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful year. I hope you will fulfill your wildest dreams and that you will be overwhelmed by love. This week, I decided to upset my little habits to tell you about a French series, Clem. Let it be said, the family series of TF1 became cult over the years to the point of becoming a true rendezvous for fans who have become accustomed to the adventures of heroine like no other. First conceived as a telefilm, Clem was so successful on the channel that TF1 did not hesitate to transform it into a series. It must be said that almost 10 million viewers gathered February 22, 2010 to meet the Boissier family . A record that largely explains the chain’s confidence. Carried by Lucie Lucas and Victoria Abril, Clem has built a true community of followers to the point of becoming the most sought-after television series in France in front of Game of Thrones in 2015. With a talented cast and intrigues always fair and Authentic, the series clearly deserves its success.
While some still call it a teen series, Clem has so much more to offer. Its great strength lies in its ability to capture the problems of the moment. Far from simply digging seen and reviewed images, the series is part of his time offering to address still taboo subjects in French society . Whether it is the main subject of Clem – the pregnancy of a teen -, alcoholism, homosexuality, school harassment or even death, the series tries to look realistically on The problems of daily life and the sometimes terribly violent dramas of life. With complex and deep characters, Clem allows viewers to identify themselves and we end up feeling accepted within the Boissier family as if we find faces familiar and comforting once a year.
For my part, I remain convinced that the series became impossible to circumvent when it was able to stage the death of Julien with a striking accuracy. It must be said that the departure of Mathieu Spinosi remains still today one of the greatest regrets of the fans. Especially since it is a real tragedy that accompanied the farewells of this character so emblematic. While some American series have a tendency to make constant use of this scenario in order to create cliffhangers to the point of trivializing their death, Clem knew how to propose a genuine and heart-rending intrigue. For anyone who has lost someone knows how this is a suffering of all times, a drama which one does not call into two episodes . Where others would have made something sensational, Clem was able to depict the mourning with realism without entering the cliches, without barriers, without shortcuts.
Even if the casting changes over the seasons, writers have this crazy capacity to renew themselves and to rely brilliantly on Clem and Caro, the two strong women of the family. Between divorce, reconstructed family, high school, career change and painful past, the girls evolve and grow with us. And the more time passes, the more Clem becomes the heroine of a whole generation who dares and is no longer afraid to affirm who she is, and this, despite the difficulties. Clem darkens and it undeniably is an ideal model for young girls . She makes mistakes but uses them to advance and she does not let anyone dictate her conduct. Better, she surfs on current fashions and desires by opening her channel Youtube for example. And the message is simply sublime: we have the right to be wrong, we have the right to be lost and not to know where we are but we must never forget that it is falling Learns and that our loved ones are there to show us how to continue even when it seems impossible. After seven years spent with this affectionate family, I feel like I have learned too.
That’s all for me meltynauts! I’ll meet you next January 25 for a brand new chronicle. In the meantime, feel free to test yourself to see if you followed the episode 2 of season 7 of Clem and above all, take care of you <3 What do you think of the series Clem?