The day when … superheroes came to power on American television!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

You also love the series of superheroes? You have a real weakness for this phenomenon that has squarely invaded our small screen? Fantastic !
Hello everyone! I hope you are okay and have had a delightful weekend. I find you today with a new time slot to share another highlight of my little life of seriesphile. And this week I decided to come back to an inevitable phenomenon on American television: the reign of superheroes. In the space of a few years, these characters unlike the others have become imposed become inescapable on the American channels. A trend that has replaced that of the teen-show until then master of the small screen. Let it be said, most networks have succumbed and offer us to follow a television adaptation of a marking and intense comics . If Marvel makes a sensation in the cinema, DC Comics dominates on American television. Between successes that are no longer to be proved and the series that should soon land, the superhero has become an attractive figure that combines all the elements that make up a blockbuster with this accessibility that offers television.
With Arrow, Gotham or even Luke Cage, you no longer have to pay for his cinema place to undertake a journey full of action and special effects, just sit comfortably in his sofa. Whether ABC, CBS or the FOX, the hero of the superhero is undeniably a winning recipe as a large community of faithful massages in front of its screen each week. He act of the original comics fans or just lovers who have fallen for the concept, everyone is benefiting . Between the derivatives and the reactions on the social networks, to embark on a television adaptation of a comic strip, it is to ensure a non-standard visibility and that the chains understood well.
And obviously, the network that has made her business is the CW . And it must be said that it was she who had invested the first in the modern rehabilitation of a classic of the comics, Superman. With Smallville, the channel knew immediately federate. Thus, when launched in 2001 on the WB, the series recorded a real record by gathering 8.4 million viewers . A success that never stopped. Indeed, even if the hearings eventually fell, they were always reasonable for a network like the CW. However, it was not until Arrow in 2012 to launch a fashion that has never faltered since. Because at the time, the CW had made teen shows, his trademark . Between 90210, Gossip Girl or Les Frères Scott, the chain had its own niche and aimed at a young audience. However, in 2011, the arrival of Mark Pedowitz changes the situation. The new president wants to attract more viewers and embark on more mature productions.
In addition to Jane The Virgin and The 100, it is the superheroes who become the central engine of the hearings. A judicious choice when we know the number of fans who refuse to miss the least episode of their favorite series. But then, how to explain this infatuation? For starters, it is clear that the characters are the number one asset of these series. Tortured, ingenious, bruised by a painful past, they offer us hope that even when times are tough, we can get by. Through epic adventures and always spectacular, these heroes will exceed fail, get up and live their lives to 2000% . Because, basically, it is exactly their strength: they are deeply human and it is therefore terribly easy to identify with them. One attaches and hopes each week that their fight will end well. Better, these series have the advantage of taking place in a universe where almost everything is possible. Whether it is time trips, resurrections, magical powers or evil look-alike, creative teams have a support where their imagination can flourish without limits. The opportunity for them to try out mind-blowing cliffhangers with which viewers are sure to lose their means. At the time of writing, I have a passion for the four series that occupy the first four days of the week on the network. We must say the strong messages conveyed by these productions are for many!
We have all our moments of crisis, black periods which we have difficulties to get out and these superheroes are sometimes a real comfort. Because beyond possessing extraordinary gifts, they put words on feelings that can sometimes break us from within. They teach us to never give up even when it seems unnecessary and to fight for what is really important. They also teach us to accept ourselves as we are and to love our differences. In a world where you always have to go into huts, the superheroes honor their distinctions. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that these series transmit essential values and who we can find an echo in each of us . With powerful ingredients and ever more loyal fans, success should be there for a few more years.
That’s all for me meltynauts! So I’ll meet you on Sunday, February 12th at 6 pm for a new chronicle. In the meantime, I invite you to relive the day … Negan off a wave of despair in season 7 of The Walking Dead . Take care of you <3 What do you think of the superhero series?