The day when … The 100 was more authentic than ever!

Cinema 26 February, 2017

Do you also like the characters of The 100? Do you find them authentic and realistic? Extraordinary!
Hello everyone! While the sky is still so cloudy, I am delighted to meet you for a whole new chronicle. After having told you how Riverdale had shaken the teen show genre, I decided to talk to you about The 100 on the occasion of the fourth season of the show on the CW . As I have already told you, I love this series. I happen to be very disappointed but it is just as frequent that I am upset while discovering a new episode. With a fair and realistic tone, the series regularly manage to put me in full view not necessarily with hallucinating twists or with suspense to resell but thanks to its authenticity. This is a term that does not seem to suit him at first. Indeed, The show revolves around a futuristic and chaotic world. Adopting a very dystopian angle, The 100 tells us the story of a group seeking to survive on Earth ravaged by solar radiation and the wars of clans more violent than the others. We agree, nothing seems to have been done in order to allow us any identification … And yet, it is well and well that which is the strength of the series.
We will not lie, many shows rely on the death of their characters to touch us right in the heart. It is often brutal, meaningless and quickly dispatched. After two episodes, it was as if their pain had been erased and their grief had never existed. Things are quite different in The 100. So even today, some of our heroes still cry the loss that was theirs. I am thinking in particular of Jasper. Maya’s death has changed him forever and even though this tragic event can be traced back to two seasons, the young man continues to mourn with a particular dimension to his character. This may tire me to see him always unhappy but I can only recognize the realism of this storyline. Far too many series have become accustomed to trivializing death, To make of it a clever scenario spring supposed to give a boost to the intrigues. Alas, nothing could prepare someone to live it for real. And even if this gives hope for a way out, no one can easily recover as well .
In the same way, Clarke continues to suffer the death of Lexa. Even though we can largely criticize the way she was killed, Clarke did not forget anything and her love for her did not disappear in a matter of seconds. Each character, at his level, transmits authentic feelings despite his belonging to a universe so far from the one we meet day after day. Raven is still disturbed by the way ALIE 2.0 took control of her mind last season, Bellamy does everything to redeem herself from being manipulated by Pike, Abby has not forgotten her husband despite the tragic outcome of their Relationship , … In the end, these heroes, unlike the others, brilliantly represent the complexity of the human being. No one is neither black nor white in life .
It’s kind of like that I see the series. It can offer us brilliant scenes and magisterial episodes but it can also crash in beauty leaving us terribly confused. But it is also what I like about her, she does not cheat and she offers a place of choice to the woman. But all this is of course only my opinion and I do not pretend to be right. Sometimes rough, sometimes spectacular, The 100 has its own way of life and it surely does not appeal to everyone . Although I was disappointed by the season 3 and took a long time to recover, the characters were enough to make me want to continue to believe. While Clarke still faces a difficult choice, his place as leader has never been more deserved in my opinion. Even if I happen to disagree with her, I do not know how I would react in her place. Yes, she is not perfect and yes, she is making bad decisions, but what the hell is realistic! No one can make the right choices under any circumstances or give pleasure to everyone but the main remains to try. Clarke told me that.
That’s all for me meltynauts! I’ll meet you on March 12 for a new column dedicated to The Vampire Diaries and the last episode. The emotion will be clearly at the rendezvous:) Until then, take care of yourself <3 Do you like the characters of The 100?

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