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Entertainment 30 August, 2017


At the end of the 80s, Mireille Darc had fallen under the spell of Pierre Barret. After the death of her man, the actress had decided to defy the law.

Out-of-the-law by love. The icon of the French cinema has disappeared on Monday at the age of 79 years. Surrounded by his loved ones until his last breath, Mireille Darc was a woman of heart. She met the first man of her life in 1960 when she meet the eyes of Alain Delon in the street. No spark but a mutual interest emerging. In 1968, they spin together in Jeff and then share their lives for fifteen years before the separation. But their story does not stop there. ” If I had ceased any relationship with him, it would have wanted to say that I reniais all that I had promised during our history. The things that I could say to him, and the ones I have been able to hear him were not truths that are transient. They still have resonances ” showed it to Gala in 1996.

After this breach of respectful and without tearing, Mireille Darc falls into the arms of Peter Barret, director of the Express and chairman of Europe 1. 47-year-old, the man continued a flourishing career and allows the actress to revive. But fate works : suffering from a bad genetic attacking his liver, Pierre Barret died in 1989 after a failed transplant. To grieve, Mireille Darc decided to defy the law.

“Pierre died at the hospital. To pass a symbolic moment in the house, I’ve ‘stolen’ his body. A physician has signed a certificate ensuring that he was dead to usexplained Mireille Darc at Tv 7 Days in 2016. The lover said that it regretted that the death is ” become even more abstract as it does not stand more on the body “.


Mireille Darc, Alain Delon

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