The dead of the most gore series of all time!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

All those dead series that made us want to vomit … Prepare the basin, there is gore!
We see our favorite series characters laughing, crying, and sometimes we see them die before our eyes, and that’s hard . Even more so, when their death is atrocious and difficult to look at because the blood and the guts are flying in all directions. Some series are also experts in the matter, needless to quote Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead … So ready for a bloodbath? Here are the deaths of the most gore series!
Vikings: The Blood Eagle
We can not say that the Vikings went there with dead hand! Empire, torture of the blood eagle … For those who have not had the chance to become familiar with this punishment, the blood eagle is surely the worst possible death in the world! It consists of incising the back to separate the ribs of the spine, then to deploy them like the wings of an eagle, thus bringing out the lungs of the chest. A torture that Jarl Borg and King Aelle had the chance to experience in Vikings!
Game of Thrones: Watermelon
He was well liked by this little Oberyn Martell, and it was even believed that he would be able to avenge himself on the Mountain. But he was too clever and he found himself in a dirty situation. We were not expecting so much violence but we should have suspected that Gregor Clegane was going to spoil it … We can also name that of Joffrey or Ramsay … In fact all the deaths of GOT are dirty!
Breaking Bad: Face off
After an explosion that jumps in his face, the ruthless Gus, collapses with half the face snatched! Not good to see but it is indeed one of the dead gores of series that we remember for the blow!
13 Reasons Why: Bloodbath
The scene where Hannah Baker is cutting her veins in her bath is very difficult to watch, is what the showrunners of the series wanted to provoke to show how suicide is painful physically and mentally. The scene is pretty good to watch!
The Walking Dead: La bouillie
We will end up with the most gore and saddest of the dead: that of Glenn, of course! The darling of The Walking Dead was not very lucky in his last moments. An exorbitant eye and then the skull crushed … One screams, one weeps again. Watch your back for the rest, Negan! We are sure that many other gore deaths come to your mind, so tell us all!