The dead of the villains most enjoying cinema, die communist rot!

Cinema 13 June, 2017

Just to rethink, I have a soft half …
According to Peter Parker, “any good story that deserves to be told concerns a girl . ” Do not worry, man, I will not contradict you, although you wear a sticky. If I can just complete the theorem, I would say that a good movie must also include a good villain, a dirty crevure, which you love to hate, and whose death goes as far as spinning chills. A bit like all the loose yarns below.
The Shark of the “Teeth of the Sea”
The film because of which you always have a little blow of flip before to dip in the sea in the summer. The fault to this huge shark that put a brothel not possible in the waters of Amity Island. The trick seemed invincible until Brody avenged the victims (including his Quint poto) by shooting the monster in a breathtaking final scene. Mythical.
Hans Gruber in “Crystal Trap”
Perhaps the only Die Hard where the bad guy is at the level of Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman hovers over the game. Finally, it was before hovering in the skies thanks to a flight offered by this devil of John McClane. “Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker!” .
Belloq, Dietrich and Toht in “The Adventurers of the Lost Ark”
Indiana Jones, The Adventurers of the Lost Ark
Ok, today those dead make me kiffer, but I confess that at the time I saw the film (about 7-8 years), I have nightmares. The trio of Nazis burst in a horrible manner, liquefying literally on the spot after crossing the eyes of the spirits of the chest.
The Yellow Bastard in “Sin City”
Of all the crevices present in “Sin City” , Roark Jr. aka The Yellow Bastard, is undoubtedly the most disgusting. A pedophile of which Hartigan (Bruce Willis) tore off the balls a few years ago, and then turned into a hideous yellow creature because of a hormone treatment. In search of vengeance, he once again runs into Hartigan, who will finish him by first removing the rest of his genitals before smashing his face with fists. A real butchery.
Stuntman Mike in “The Boulevard of Death”
The return of baton had to be violent for this coward of Stuntman Mike, who was taking his foot to kill young women in his Chevrolet Nova. In an absolutely delightful scene at the Tarantino, the guy was lynched by a trio of Amazons. Girl Power!
JP Richard in “The Deadly Kiss of the Dragon”
Here again, cowardice has a name: JP Richard. The inspector – played by Tchéky Karyo – dares to use a kid to catch the twirl Jet Li, so he deserved a violent spell based on needles planted at sensitive points. The famous Kiss of the dragon that pushes your body to empty of its blood through all its pores. Well played Johnny Boy.
Howard Payne in “Speed”
But that, Dennis Hopper aka Howard Payne, had nothing to shake in “Speed” . The master-artificer thus trapped a lift and a bus with the explosive, stopped Harry (the friend of Jack) and took hostage Annie (Sandra Bullock) #QueDuSaalVie. Finally, Jack will have the head of the psychopath in the final fight over a running subway …
Samuel Norton in “The Escapees”
Thinking only of his dirty mouth, prison director Samuel Norton has made Hell live in Dufresne, for the sole purpose that he does not reveal his financial tricks in the open. An injustice that will be repaired when Dufresne, imprisoned wrongly for the murder of his wife, will eventually escape from Shawshank. From then on, the sadistic Norton will prefer to commit suicide rather than face the justice and the prison cell. Undoubtedly its decision most appreciated by the fans of the film. Cule goes!
Norman Stansfield in “Leon”
Psychic cop, Stansfield (Gary Oldman) announces the color from the beginning of the film of Luc Besson, bumping the family Mathilda (Natalie Portman) in cold blood. Completely tired, the guy spins chills at each of his appearances on screen. And only for his last look, when he realizes that Leon (Jean Reno) fucked him because he had a grenade on him, his death deserves to figure in this ranking. Cleaning pro.
The T-1000 in “Terminator 2”
At the time, we really had the impression that Schwarzy would never manage to get rid of it. Ultra-destructive weapon of war, this fucking T-1000 was unstoppable, regenerating each time it was killed. It was not counting on the Terminator who shot him an explosive bastos in the chest, before the monster was consumed in molten lava. Hasta la vista Baby!
Hitler in “Inglourious Basterds”
Tarantino does the story again, and it’s a big kiff. Especially when the beautiful Shoshanna ended up setting fire to a Parisian cinema where Nazi dignitaries and the Fürher had gathered, who had only to be picked by Aldo Raine and his squad of “bastards”. The magic of cinema.
The Emperor Palpatine in “Star Wars Episode VI”
Darth Vader is the embodiment of the evil in Star Wars , if he has joined the Dark Side of the Force because of the tarba of Palpatine aka Dark Sidious, whose evil plan almost cost him Luke Skywalker. But while the Emperor victimized poor Luke in front of Vader, the latter intervened to save his son. He grabbed Dark Sidious like a doll to wriggle it into the Star of Death’s generator. Good riddance.
Scar in “The Lion King”
If the death of Mufasa is the biggest drama that I have lived in front of a film, a contrario, that of Scar is the most enjoyable of the Earth. Long live King Simba!