The death of Simone Veil : a tribute gynecologists

Health 1 July, 2017


Published the 01.07.2017 to 12h37


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“With courage and determination, putting his plan in front of her destiny, she got it is women, and women alone, who decide for themselves to their fertility and reproduction “. The national College of gynaecologists and obstetricians French (CNGOF) homage to Simone Veil, saluting his fight for the right to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP).

In a press release, they honour in this struggle that has made her the woman ” who had the most decisive and the most effective for the health and freedom of women in the Twentieth century in our country. “

Health against the false morality

Because the fighting, remind the gynecologists, was far from being won. While women had access to abortion, illegal and dangerous, Simone Veil has had to face, to advance the freedom of women, “false prophets” who spoke ” the end of civilization, the end of virility, and apoplexy of the couples who would not survive this freedom “decadent” women “.

They also believe that the former minister of Health has changed the face of their discipline. “It has changed the relationship between doctors and patients and has, in fact, initiated the rights of patients, such as we know them today “, do they express.