The Deleted: Newport Beach meets American Psycho in the trash series with Nash Grier mater to emergency!

Cinema 6 December, 2016

When the author of American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis, sets its sights on the small screen, it gives The Deleted. In this teen show trash, we find the star of Vine, Nash Grier. A devour ASAP.
nash-grier-fullscreen-the-deleted-photo-promoAfter American Psycho and The Rules of Attraction , the cult author Bret Easton Ellis began a series! Knowing him, it risks sending heavy and be totally insane. The story ? In The Deleted , mysterious disappearances beat former cult members who had fled Washington to take refuge in Los Angeles. The program for this show teen thriller that feels good? Not bad sex and many mysteries … All we love so. Discover now the trailer for The Deleted , available since December 4 on the application Fullscreen …
If the cast sounds familiar, that’s normal! For its first serial project, Bret Easton Ellis is well surrounded. In The Deleted include a nice bunch of stars of social networks and promising young actors. Of Nash Grier Amanda Cerny, they are all there … And clearly, with their millions of followers, the series can only be talked about! If no French distribution has been announced, it is expected soon … We’ll keep you informed! Meanwhile, go discover the other series of the moment in the program of the week . So convinced by The Deleted?