The Difference Between Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses: What are They and Which One to Choose?

Entertainment 23 February, 2021

Bonus provision is a culture in online casinos. The trend kicked off with the intent of luring players in the early ages of the industry’s inception. Incentives worked so well as charming tools that they stuck around for good. Over time, casino boons have taken on different forms. Among the many categories that can be used to categorize the rewards are sticky and non-sticky bonuses. This review breaks down each bonus class and the best one to select.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are incentives offered for use in online casinos with no withdrawal option. Once the bonus amount is claimed, it can only be used to place wagers in games. Even after playthrough terms are cleared, the incentive can only be used for stakes. In some gambling dens, any attempts to cash out sticky bonuses lead to their cancellation. The offer and any winnings it has earned are stripped from the players’ accounts.

Non-Sticky Bonuses

Non-sticky incentives are typically available for withdrawal along with any payouts it collects. These types of boons are the most popular of both categories, but sticky rewards are not too hard to find. Non-sticky casino bonuses are available to cash out once the attached wagering requirements are met.

Types of Sticky and Non-Sticky Casino Offers

Sticky and non-sticky no deposit bonuses often take the same shapes and sizes. The casino bonuses are crafted to suit different target markets, and they fall into popular categories like;

  •  Match promotions – gift a percentage of the deposit made
  •  Cashbacks – give back a percentage of the amount spent on stakes, and they often focus on losses
  •  Free spins – offer stake-free rounds for slot machines, and can be attached to other offers like the matchups
  •  Free chips – used in table games to play free rounds

Choosing Between Sticky and Non-sticky Bonuses

Most gamblers favour non-sticky bonuses with the notion that the ability to cash out is an opportunity to earn better profits. However, these boons are often pegged to playthrough terms that require one to spend a particular amount before it is available to withdraw. This requirement evens the playground for both kinds of incentives. Beyond the ability to cash out non-sticky and not sticky bonuses, these incentives are not too different from each other. Therefore, there is no definite answer to which is the better one of the two. Several factors come into play when determining the ideal rewards, and some of them include;


Non-sticky bonuses are the most popular of both incentives, which makes them the easiest to locate. The boons are granted in a vast array of packages depending on the target market. Sticky bonuses are not too hard to find either, but they are not as widely provided as their non-sticky counterparts. Both incentives can be awarded as welcome offers, reload bonuses, and loyalty gifts.

Ease of Claiming

The simplicity of taking up sticky and non-sticky bonuses varies depending on the gambling club offering them. User-friendly casinos make the procedure as easy as possible. When claiming welcome packages, punters have first to create an account. The process requests personal information like the gambler’s full name, phone number, and email address, which can be used to verify one’s identity. This step takes a few minutes and is proceeded by any no deposit offer in place.

If none is provided, then punters have to deposit to activate them. Returning players can claim to reload offers by simply logging in and completing the stipulated requirements to be eligible. The fields used to accomplish these tasks should be well-placed and labelled. Any terms and conditions should be easy to understand and lenient enough to meet.


Sticky bonuses take the crown in this round as the ones with the most significant packages. Gambling dens tend to be generous with these incentives since their contents are all spent at the casino with no withdrawal option. Some gambling sites offer sticky match promotions of as high as 400%. Such massive amounts make up for the fact that they cannot be withdrawn. Non-sticky bonuses offer smaller promotions of about 50% to 100% matchups. Both types of offers can apply to one or more deposits, especially in welcome bonuses.

Playthrough terms

The wagering requirement is the most crucial term to pay attention to when claiming casino offers. Both sticky and non-sticky incentives come with the term, and it states the number of times punters have to use an amount equivalent to the bonus before withdrawal. If a boon of $100 has a wagering requirement of 20x, gamblers have to spend $2000 to clear it and its winnings for withdrawal. The lower the playthrough term, the better the offer.

Since sticky bonuses usually offer significant bonus amounts, they typically require the most deposits to clear for withdrawal. Such incentives are suited for high rollers willing to large quantities for a chance at even bigger wins. The small-nature of non-sticky boons makes their wagering terms easier to meet.

Other conditions

The terms and conditions that sticky and non-sticky bonuses also change from one gaming site to another. The incentives can be limited to specific games while others are open to using in any of the listed titles. The terms can also determine the value of the stake that can be used per round. The attached shelf life should be reasonable enough to allow enough time to meet the conditions. Sift through the stipulated terms to determine whether they suit your requirements.

Casino reputability

The reputation of the gaming site offering either of the incentives plays a significant role in how good the offers are. Online casinos are available in the thousands, and almost all of them lure players with eye-catching sticky and non-sticky incentives. Some of these casinos are rogue sites that operate outside the ethical line.

Confirming your chosen gambling club’s reputation assures that the offered bonuses are legitimate, the attached terms are lenient, and the collected bonuses can be withdrawn after the requirements are cleared. Operating licenses are the most effective way to discern a suitable casino. Also, read through the reviews of other gamers.

The Bottom Line

Both sticky and non-sticky incentives are provided to boost gamblers’ bankrolls while earning casino clients. When choosing the best of the offers, consider the factors mentioned above.