The disastrous adventures of orphans Baudelaire: 3 reasons to binge-watcher the series this weekend!

Cinema 13 January, 2017

The Disastrous Adventures of Orphans Baudelaire are to be discovered today on Netflix! You are given three reasons to discover ABSOLUTELY this new series …
It’s Friday the 13th and if you say that nothing worse may happen to you again today, we recommend you to writing melty mater of the Adventures of Lemony Baudelaire orphans, now available on Netflix ! In this new series, Prunille, Klaus and Violette Baudelaire lost their parents in a terrible fire and as if that was not enough, they will have at their heels Count Olaf ready to do anything to recover their fortune. You wait the weekend to chill and explore the series on Netflix ? We give you binge-watcher three good reasons to eight episodes of the season just here!
1. Because beside, your life is fabulous
Both parents perish in a terrible fire, you find yourself married against your will, a psychopath is on your heels and PERSON does not believe you when you ask for help … It is only a grain of sand in the Desert of misfortunes that cross the Orphans Baudelaire! At each time the three children think they have found happiness and security, a new twist disrupts their lives and make it worse . Looking at the Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelaire Orphans, you are certain that your existence will appear to you worthy of a fairy tale beside what they live … And believe us on parole, that makes relativize!
The disastrous adventures of the orphans beaudelaire, season 1, photo
Perfect casting
2. The cast is very successful
To bring this incredible story – and unique – on the screen, it was high-level players like Neil Patrick Harris, star of How I Met Your Mother to play the terrible Count Olaf! We love to hate this character who could be part of these wicked earning every time like The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars or Game of Thrones … Those who have read the books will be delighted to see that the casted actors match perfectly to what we can imagine the characters of Lemony Adventures of Baudelaire Orphans. From the narrator to the children to the minions of Olaf, everything is extremely faithful …
The disastrous adventures of orphans beaudelaire, season 1, poster, poster, lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events
Three reasons to discover the series!
3. For his crazy plot
We bet you will soon become addicted to these disastrous adventures! Behind the family drama that Klaus is living, Violette and Prunille Baudelaire hide an entire organization and a series of mysteries that should be solved throughout the season. What if Count Olaf was at the origin of this strange fire? Why have Baudelaire children never heard of people who will become their guardians during the episodes? What does the symbol of the eye mean everywhere? You will have to watch the episodes to find out, and the sooner the better … Have you ever watched the Adventures of Lemony Baudelaire Orphans on Netflix?