The disastrous adventures of orphans Baudelaire: What does season 2 hold for us?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

While Les Desastreuses Aventures des Orphelins Baudelaire has been renewed, find out what’s on Season 2!
And after ? As you dévoilions, Lemony Baudelaire Orphans Adventures has been renewed for Season 2, and even for a season 3 . Thus, we know that the next burst will be composed of 10 episodes, corresponding to the adventure of our young heroes in books 5 to 9. Like the first season, each book will give rise to 2 episodes which will resume Title. Thus we see in images: “Traps College”, “Elevator to Fear,” “The Tree of Crows,” “Panic in the clinic” and “The Fierce Festival” . So what’s next? First of all, know that the Orphans Baudelaire will no longer sail from tutor to guardian as in the first season. Indeed, Mr Poe will have exhausted all his resources and will even subscribe to absent subscribers. However, our heroes are not going to be long in the boarding school and will discover many new places, all more surprising than the others. Between a strange village, a circus, a clinic, a grocery store and an infernal tower, the Baudelaire Orphans will not be bored.
The suite will be rich in encounters and discoveries. Indeed, the Orphans Baudelaires will get to know many characters. Often, the latter all more wacky than the others will only pass, which will not be the case of two of the triplets Beauxdraps. We had a glimpse of these young heroes in the final season when they find their relative. The happiness is of short duration since a fire will lead to their death, as well as that of one of the children. Duncan and Isadora often intersect the route of Baudelaire and help them learn more about the mysterious organization: VDC . Their stories are very similar and soon we will discover that their parents were part of the same group, prey to the same enemies. As we said, the sequel will be rich in discoveries and the most important is that one of the Baudelaire relatives may have survived the fire.
As for Count Olaf, he will always be Machiavellianly present, always a master in the art of disguise and always obsessed with Baudelaire’s fortune. He will continue to track them down and try to kill them, by all means. In addition, luck is with him since he is not prosecuted for his crimes, while the Baudelaire orphans will soon be considered criminals by the authorities and the media . From then on they will have to hide permanently and adopt certain methods of their enemies: disguises and lies will be on the program, but our young heroes will lose nothing of their good habits between new inventions and readings. Now, test your knowledge of the first season of Adventure Lemony Baudelaire Orphans! What do you expect from the next season of the series?