The dogs in the house don’t disrupt sleep

Health 9 September, 2017


Published the 09.09.2017 at 11h57


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Many dog owners have considered a day to sleep in the same room as their little beast hair. But often, these same owners have rejected it, fearing for the quality of their sleep. Wrong ! According to a study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the presence of a dog in the bedroom may not be the best idea in terms of canine training, but this does not affect the quality of sleep. On the contrary.

“We discovered that, in reality, very many people find a certain comfort and sense of security to sleep with their pets “, explain the authors, from the Centre for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic (Arizona).

This poodle that reassures

To assess the impact of the presence of a dog in the bedroom on the nights of the master, the authors analyzed the sleep quality of 40 adults in good health, without a sleep disorder, who have the habit of sleeping with their pet for at least five months. For seven days, the participants as well as their dogs were equipped with sensors to measure their activity during the night.

Researchers have discovered that not only the presence of a dog is not disturbed not the sleeping of the owner, but more importantly, it could improve it – and this worked also well for a small poodle as a large great dane, which, in spite of appearances, can both bring a feeling of comfort and security.

Each to its own layer

With a reservation, however : he must not let the dog crawl under her quilts, but keep his bed for himself. The presence of a dog does not sleep, only if its cage is placed in the room, but the animal should not sleep in the bed of his master. According to the study, people who slept in the same bed that their dog had a tendency to have a quality of sleep deteriorated.

The authors emphasize that the relationship between the dog and the human has evolved with the times. Today, many teachers suffer from not being able to spend more time with their ball of hair, especially during the day. The fact that sleeping with its animals helps to compensate for this absence, and brings a feeling secure during the night. Why deprive yourself ?