The drag for dummies, a sextoy … Christmas gifts that annoy bachelors!

Entertainment 19 December, 2016

Like every holiday, Christmas brings a lot of rotten gifts. From the sextoy to the drag book for Dummies, via a Meetic subscription, the editor offers you a selection of gifts that should not be offered to a bachelor.
A few days of Christmas, everyone thinks that future gifts he will slip under the tree. If you’re stuck for gift ideas and you did not find your happiness in our special wishlist Nike , be careful not to offer the gift that annoys ! If your mate is single, buying him a sextoy would be atrocious for his little heart. Inspired by a computer graphics of Meetic, the editor proposes a small selection of the worst gifts that can be made to singles.

Meetic infographics unveils gifts to avoid!
If receiving an adidas NMD or an iPhone 7 for Christmas always makes zizir, some gifts are accepted with a yellow smile. Who ever thought of offering the pathetic “Flirting for Dummies”? , A kind of manual to seduce beautiful amazons. Who has wanted to offer a sex toy to a single ? True, the gesture is the most important but these gifts are really troublesome, at the time of unpacking. And it’s probably not a subscription on Meetic who will smile your friend who really needs to treat its look to find his soul mate. It’s time to stop bashing the single’s and offering a gift for Christmas !