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Entertainment 6 December, 2017


The former producer of Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Claude Camus, who in his biography was Not born to it confides about his relationship with Johnny, was with the wife of the singer a few hours after the announcement of his death. It relies on RTL.

“Laeticia is totally collapsed “, Jean-Claude Camus, a friend of 30 years, the idol of young people is the first to give his testimony on Laeticia, the widow of Johnny. On RTL cited by BFM TV, the voice charged with emotion, Jean-Claude Camus has been entrusted to Marc-Olivier Fogiel after having spent part of the day with the family of Johnny Hallyday at Marnes-la-Coquette, following the announcement of the disappearance of the singer, died at the age of 74 years in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday 6 December. It was his wife Laeticia, who is entrusted to the AFP on the loss of her husband.

Questioned on the issue of a national tribute, the former producer says, “I hope that he will get off,” he reports, citing the most famous avenue in paris. “This is the dream of Laeticia. It is mine too. I think he has a right to it, and it will allow the public to make him a last farewell. (…) We can put a lot of people on the Champs-Elysées in winter.” And to continue, the voice choked :” I am in a bath of sadness. I just lost 35 years of my life. I had the chance, thanks to Laetitia, to spend the evening of last Saturday with him. “A farewell evening, moving, with the closest ones.

It is to Laeticia that will his thoughts, the producer pays a vibrant tribute to the ” It’s gone well surrounded “. “She has so believed “, he says, reports BFM TV. “Even yesterday morning, she told me: ‘It has managed to attack a new treatment. Ca gave us still a hope…'”.

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